Steinhardt Offers Ciattarelli Pointers on His Shooting Stance

Steinhardt Offers Ciattarelli Pointers on His Shooting Stance
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Phillipsburg, NJ – This past Saturday, Republican Gubernatorial candidates Doug Steinhardt and Jack Ciattarelli attended a shooting competition at Red Wing Sporting Clays in Port Republic, Atlantic County.

Steinhardt is a proud Second Amendment supporter, NRA member and father to a state champion, National Sporting Clay Association shooter.

In response to Ciattarelli’s social media posts, Doug Steinhardt offered his opponent some friendly advice on his poor shooting stance:

“Jack, your shooting stance is about as cockeyed as your Second Amendment record,” said Steinhardt. “I know you were previously rejected by the NRA, and if you want their support, you’re going to have to at least look like you’ve held a gun before. I know you have a history of turning your back on the legal gun community, so you’ll have to fix your stance if you want to stand with me and the rest of New Jersey’s legal gun owners against Phil Murphy’s relentless attacks on the Second Amendment.”

As an Assemblyman, Ciattarelli was one of only four Republicans to side with Democrats in an attempt to overturn a Chris Christie veto of gun control laws.

Steinhardt continued, “Phil Murphy has the Second Amendment in his sights. He’s championed the nation’s most oppressive gun laws and promoted punitive taxes on lawful gun owners. Meanwhile, murder rates soar in cities like Trenton, proving that Murphy’s Second Amendment assaults are as impotent at curbing crime guns and gun crime as they are at keeping our families and communities safe. As Governor, I will stand with legal gun owners, inventory and assess the State’s gun laws, and defend the Second Amendment from unconstitutional attacks. If you think Ciattarelli will stand with us, you don’t know Jack.”

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