Sue Altman’s Statement on Norcross Indictment


June 17, 2024

Sue Altman’s Statement on Norcross Indictment

Sue Altman, Democratic nominee for New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District released the following statement:

“I laud the Attorney General’s monumental indictment. Like Donald Trump, George Norcross and his South Jersey cronies are finding out that breaking the law for personal gain has consequences.

It is a new day for New Jersey politics. We are replacing our culture of corruption, misuse of public funds, and self-dealing government with a new one – one that prioritizes public service, the greater good, and functional government where BOTH parties are held accountable.

While today’s announcement is a major step toward rooting out the rampant corruption that led to the abuse of taxpayer dollars and Camden residents, it is sobering to see the scope and details of the damage done.

As we move forward, I urge us to rethink what it means to invest in and develop a city. Instead of relying on state-funded giveaways to politically connected corporations, we must focus our efforts and investments on the people who already live and work there.”

Meet Sue Altman:

Sue proudly hails from New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District. She grew up in Clinton, attended Clinton Public School and Voorhees High School, and calls Hunterdon County home. After playing college and professional basketball, Sue went on to become a teacher and successful basketball coach in Warren County, leading two teams to championships.

As a longtime advocate, Sue became a leader in the movement to fight for New Jersey’s public education when she stood up to then-Governor Chris Christie in order to protect teachers and fight against cuts to our public schools.

As leader of the New Jersey Working Families Alliance, she spent years fighting corruption and the waste of taxpayer dollars in Trenton – taking on both parties to put everyday New Jerseyans ahead of partisan politics.

Most notably, Sue led a coalition of unions, advocates, and community members to shed light on a $1 billion corporate tax incentive program in Camden that, instead of creating good jobs for working people, lined the pockets of politically connected corporate leaders – a program which resulted in a criminal investigation and a multi-million dollar penalty.

Sue isn’t afraid to fight for New Jerseyans. Sue has challenged powerful political insiders – even within her own party – to protect public education, save taxpayer money, fight corruption on both sides of the aisle, and strengthen our democracy. Sue knows how to bring people with different ideas together to get things done because while she’s a Democrat, her parents are Republicans.

Now, she’s running for Congress to take this same fight to Washington – working to lower costs for working families, protect our natural environment, and secure New Jerseyans’ reproductive rights and fundamental freedoms.

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