Sweeney Says State Should Allow Remote Sales by Appointment for Auto Dealers Who Maintain Social Distancing 

Insider NJ's Fred Snowflack provides an analysis of the ongoing NJ 2020 budget struggle, where Gov. Phil Murphy is withholding $235 million in spending until he is sure the state could pay for it. Senate President Steve Sweeney now wants state Treasurer Elizabeth Muoio to comment on when the funds will be released.


Trenton – Auto dealers who maintain social distancing should be allowed to conduct sales and other operations through remote practices in New Jersey, Senate President Steve Sweeney said today. This would allow more businesses to continue to operate and more employees to continue to work in the midst of the coronavirus crisis that is causing so much economic trauma and job loss.

“If auto dealers can conduct business by appointment and via the internet or other remote practices that maintain the safety standards of remote distancing, we should allow them to continue to operate,” said Senator Sweeney (D-Gloucester/Salem/Cumberland). “This is just one sector of the economy but we should do what we can to allow people to continue to work and businesses to survive. If auto dealers can arrange remote sales of vehicles that are delivered in their service lanes by appointment and without close personal interactions, we should allow the transactions to proceed.”

Senator Sweeney said that this is now allowed in Illinois, Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware and Florida.

Auto repairs and other automotive services that are needed to maintain basic transportation functions are currently considered essential services in New Jersey and elsewhere.

“We must continue to make public safety the priority and do what we can to contain the spread of coronavirus but we should also allow vital services to continue so that businesses – and their jobs – are still around when we get through this,” said Senator Sweeney. “If they can maintain minimum necessary activities they will be able to maintain the value of their inventory, the condition of their facilities, and service to ensure security, payroll and employee benefits. If other businesses are capable of doing this at the same time they maintain social distancing, it should be considered.”

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