Testa: Fiocchi Attack Falls Flat

Former EPA Regional Administrator Alan J. Steinberg discusses how the controversial new state legislation in 2019 in Alabama and New York regarding abortion will play a pivotal role in national and state elections over the next two years, at least.

Fiocchi Attack Falls Flat

Testa campaign says nominating Fiocchi “the definition of insanity”

“In Sam Fiocchi’s own words, this primary election is about ‘who is best prepared to campaign against and defeat’ Bob Andrzejczak in November,” Brittany O’Neill, Testa for Senate’s Campaign Manager, said. “That is precisely why Sam Fiocchi is the absolute worst choice for Republicans.”

O’Neill pointed out that in the 2015 Assembly race Fiocchi was crushed by Bob Andrzejczak after Fiocchi’s troubled history of repeatedly failing to pay his property taxes on time became a major campaign issue.

“Electing ‘Failed Fiocchi’ would be a General Election gift to Murphy and the Democratic machine. Democrats are eagerly awaiting to easily take down Sam Fiocchi again,” O’Neill added. “In Fiocchi’s failed 2015 re-election, Democrats’ hammered Sam on his repeated tax delinquency. Nominating Mr. Fiocchi is the definition of insanity. It’s time to turn the page.”

Following the loss to Andrzejczak, Fiocchi was upset in his home county’s convention for Congress and then beaten soundly in the congressional primary.  Most recently, Fiocchi was rejected in his bid for Cumberland County GOP Chairman, losing badly to Mike Testa.

O’Neill added that local Republican Leaders across South Jersey believe Mike Testa is the right Republican for the job. Testa has received the endorsements of Cape May County Freeholder Director Gerry Thornton, Cumberland County Freeholder Joe Sparacio, Lower Twp. Mayor Erik Simonsen and other local officials. 

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