Testa on Transit Property Sale Legislation

Testa on Transit Property Sale Legislation


June 18, 2024

Senator Mike Testa (R-1) issued the following statement urging legislation that disposes of NJ Transit property to move slowly to ensure transparency, competition, and respect for taxpayers and riders.  The anticipated legislation isn’t yet available for review, but will supposedly be rushed through the legislature and enacted in the next two weeks.

“Governor Murphy’s proposal to pass legislation to change how NJ Transit property is sold must not be rushed in the next two weeks.”

“NJ Transit moved from its Newark headquarters into an extremely expensive office complex as part of a backroom deal that screwed taxpayers and riders alike.  The empty Newark headquarters and the new property can’t be developed or sold with the same lack of transparency and disdain for the public. Development of properties can’t be done the same way that corrupt land deals in Newark happened, where the Deputy Mayor was indicated and corrupt developers and a councilman were sentenced to jail.”

“Legislation must establish a process that is transparent, competitive, and respectful of taxpayers and riders. And funds from property sales need to finally start providing service to South Jersey residents. We already got taken for one shady real estate ride. We can’t afford more.”

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