Testa Statement on Marijuana Sales in NJ

Testa Statement on Marijuana Sales in NJ

In response to a story in Politico about a memo from the New Jersey State Policemen’s Benevolent Association warning members against off-duty recreational use of marijuana, Senator Michael Testa had the following comment:

“If the very people who enforce our laws in New Jersey are concerned about the many legal ramifications for recreational pot use by their members, it should give us all pause. This reckless and short-sighted law and Phil Murphy’s continuing ignorance about how our federal system of government works will likely cause an unsuspecting citizen to suffer real and long-lasting legal consequences. Federal law precludes a user of marijuana from owning a gun. That is something that the legalization proponents likely never considered.

“As an attorney who has represented law enforcement officers in the past, this warning to police is appropriate and warranted and each New Jerseyan should take note as well.”

Sen. Testa has served in his personal capacity as an attorney on the PBA Legal Protection Plan.

Politico reported last night that NJPBA President Pat Colligan told members in a memo that there are “too many unanswered questions from the state regarding the use of recreational cannabis by off-duty officers that could result in negative consequences.”

Colligan said in an interview that “if I was an active-duty officer that’s going to be in a patrol car the next day or in a prison cell block in a day or two, I would ask you to please wait. We’re not really taking a hard yes or no position. We’re just saying we don’t want anyone to be the test case. This is really murky ground. … Let’s be careful about it.”

“As we saw in the legislative debacle which unfolded with multiple votes on pot legalization, the Murphy crew and its enablers in the Legislature have opened another can of worms which will result in untold legal consequences for New Jerseyans,” said Testa.

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