The City of Trenton Announces Executive Order 24-01: The Reorganization of Trenton’s Animal Shelter and Creation of Animal Welfare Advisory Board

The City of Trenton Announces Executive Order 24-01: The Reorganization of Trenton’s Animal Shelter and Creation of Animal Welfare Advisory Board

Trenton, N.J. –

Mayor W. Reed Gusciora has issued Executive Order 24-01, signaling a pivotal moment in the City’s commitment to addressing the challenges faced by its animal shelter. The order details the reorganization of the Bureau of Animal Control and the establishment of an Animal Welfare Advisory Board, aiming to tackle issues of overcrowding, animal welfare, and public safety.

The City of Trenton has grappled with a surge in animal surrenders and strays, exacerbated by the aftermath of the Covid pandemic and prior disruptions in shelter management. With the Trenton Animal Shelter (TAS) operating beyond capacity and facing overcrowding issues, Mayor Gusciora recognizes the urgency for a comprehensive solution.

“The welfare of our city’s animals is a priority,” Mayor Gusciora stated. “We owe it to our residents and our furry companions to provide a shelter environment that upholds standards of care, public safety, and animal welfare.”

Mayor Gusciora noted that the new chief at the Animal Shelter will be Trenton Police Lieutenant Alexis Durlacher, who has had past animal control experience.

Executive Order 24-01 outlines a multifaceted approach to address these challenges:

1. New Operational Model: A Chief of the Bureau of Animal Control will be appointed, tasked with implementing a revised operational model. This model will prioritize animal welfare, adoption services, pet ownership education, and humane animal control enforcement, ensuring best practices are upheld.

2. Community Engagement and Partnerships: The Bureau of Animal Control will focus on community education programs, low-cost spay/neuter initiatives, volunteer programs, and partnerships with non-profits. The creation of the Trenton Animal Care Team (TACT) will foster collaboration among stakeholders for effective animal shelter management.

3. Rabies Control Compliance: The City will maintain compliance with rabies control regulations, ensuring timely reporting and investigation of animal bites. The Health Officer will continue to oversee rabies control activities and utilize Animal Control Officers for enforcement.

4. Animal Welfare Advisory Board: A five-member Animal Welfare Advisory Board will be established, tasked with advising on strategies to reduce unwanted pet populations. This board will engage residents, businesses, and stakeholders in identifying concerns and developing solutions.

Mayor Gusciora emphasized the importance of community involvement in shaping Trenton’s animal welfare policies, “We invite the participation of all stakeholders in our efforts to improve animal shelter management and promote responsible pet ownership.”

Executive Order 24-01 reflects Trenton’s commitment to prioritizing the well-being of its animal residents and fostering a collaborative approach to animal welfare.

About the Office of the Mayor – City of Trenton: The Office of the Mayor in Trenton is committed to serving the residents and promoting the prosperity of the city. Under Mayor W. Reed Gusciora’s leadership, the City of Trenton aims to address pressing issues, foster community engagement, and build a vibrant future for all its residents.

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