Tim Alexander Picks up Another Key Endorsement

Tim Alexander Picks up Another Key Endorsement


Tim Alexander’s campaign for Congress announced today another key endorsement in the CD-02 race with the official endorsement of Carolyn Rush. With the earlier endorsement of Hector Tavarez at the Atlantic County Convention, Rush’s endorsement means that all challengers from the CD-02 primary are showing a united front against Jeff Van Drew.


Carolyn Rush


Now more than ever, we need to stand together against elected officials who are trying to take away our rights. I am proud to endorse Tim Alexander for Congress. Jeff Van Drew’s voting record shows he does not care about protecting our rights. I know that Tim is committed to the people of this district.  I believe every vote he takes as our Congressman will be through the lens of what is best for us here in South Jersey. Tim was a civil rights attorney; I trust he will take the lead to defend the rights we still have and to restore the ones this radical supreme court has taken away. It is time for us to come together and remove Jeff Van Drew from office.


Tim Alexander


I am so glad to have Carolyn’s support in this race. Her courage and passion for improving the lives of South Jersyans are inspiring. I know with her on our side we can win. The people of this district have gone too long without real representation in DC. It is time for all of us in South Jersey to work together and reclaim our district.

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