Carl Golden, senior contributing analyst with the William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy at Stockton University, argues that despite continual mass shooting incidents in the U.S., gun rights absolutists will win Congress once more, and either no or purely cosmetic action will take place.


Tobias “Toby” Anderson Will Challenge Mikie Sherrill IN NJ-11

Today, Iraq War veteran, conservative small business owner and father of three, Toby Anderson (48) announced his candidacy for Congress in New Jersey’s 11th district.

Toby is running to fight skyrocketing inflation, support our military, secure our border, and preserve individual freedoms – especially the rights of parents.

“New Jersey deserves representation that cares more about the needs of our families, and less about rigid partisan loyalty – we’re not getting that from Mikie Sherrill.  We need economic policies to control out-of-control inflation, immigration policies that secure our border and keep us safe, and education policies that empower parents ahead of government. I’m proud to have fought overseas for freedom, and I’m energized to do it now at home” said Toby.

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Toby Anderson is a conservative small business owner, Iraq War Veteran, husband, and father to three young children. Toby is running for Congress to restore parental rights, control Inflation and to put an end to the leftist policies and cancel culture supported by the Biden-Pelosi-Sherill agenda.

Toby, the youngest of 5 children, came from a family of serial entrepreneurs who ran and then owned multiple businesses (a cleaning service, a real estate brokerage and an industrial manufacturing company). His parents’ last business suffered a financial collapse, forcing the family from their home and farm in Connecticut onto a small boat, where Toby’s bed for more than three years was a sleeping bag. Toby’s mother worked three jobs while his father struggled to keep their failing business going. Toby got his work ethic from his parents and took his first job washing dishes at the age of 12, at times giving his parents his earnings to help pay bills.


While in high school, Toby enlisted as a Private in the U.S. Army Reserves in military intelligence as a Russian Linguist. During college at Bucknell University, Toby joined ROTC and graduated as an Army officer before heading to Tulane Law School. After graduating from law school and completing artillery school, Toby went on to serve three tours in Iraq in various capacities, earning the Bronze Star for Service during his second tour. Toby was honorably discharged from the Army Reserves in 2020 at the rank of Major.

Toby and his wife Ornit started a small business in the field of home health care, creating jobs for health care workers, while serving their vulnerable neighbors. Through his business experience, Toby has seen firsthand how the anti-growth policies of Joe Biden and Mikie Sherrill have stifled opportunity – particularly as his industry, like most, struggled through the COVID-19 pandemic and the worst nursing labor crisis in recent memory.

In Congress, Toby will fight for the conservative principles of freedom and individual responsibility. Toby believes that the outsized reach of government into every facet of our lives, including our rights as parents, our businesses and our wallets has grown out of control, and it needs to STOP.

He’s ready to continue his long service to our nation in this next capacity.

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