Tom Malinowski declares candidacy in 7th Congressional District

Former high-ranking Obama State Department official stresses record of standing up for American values and standing up to dictators, torture and intolerance. Cites history of bipartisanship; national security and human rights credentials; receives local and national endorsements

(ROCKY HILL) Noting that people across New Jersey’s Seventh Congressional District need a Member of Congress they can count on to defend their values, Tom Malinowski, former Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights, today announced that he is seeking the Democratic Congressional nomination.

“I’ve spent my life in public service- as an Assistant Secretary of State under President Obama and on the National Security Council under President Clinton,” Malinowski said. “I’ve stood up to dictators on behalf of America; I’ll stand up to Donald Trump and Leonard Lance for the people of our state.”

Notable names in local and national politics offered their immediate support. Mayor Janice Kovach of Clinton, the 2014 Democratic candidate for the Seventh Congressional District and an outspoken women’s rights advocate, endorsed Malinowski’s candidacy.

“Having run for Congress in this district and now serving as a mayor, I believe Tom represents our best opportunity to flip this seat. He has dedicated his career to human rights efforts, and I am convinced he will put good policy ahead of divisive politics as our representative in Washington. I plan on campaigning for him throughout this district.”

Former Secretary of State and 2004 Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry, said of Malinowski, “It takes a great advocate to be a great member of Congress. Tom is an advocate to his very core, with a fierce sense of right and wrong, and a moral compass always pointed due north. He fights for people. It’s just who he is. I saw that firsthand, every day, in the State Department, and I know that’s exactly what he would do in Congress.”

“With Trump more focused on distracting and dividing than on governing, the next Congress could be one of the most important in our history,” Malinowski said. “We will need principled, effective leaders there who will safeguard affordable health care, invest in infrastructure, protect the integrity of our democracy, and create the jobs of the future in an increasingly automated economy. These are all things that the current Congressional leadership has made it impossible to deliver.”

Throughout his career in public service, Malinowski has often worked across party lines on behalf of American values.

“I’ve served on the National Security Council, working to strengthen NATO and end conflicts around the world. I fought to stop the use of torture so we could stay safe from terrorism without losing who we are as Americans,” Malinowski said. “Under President Obama, I led our global fight to defend the human rights of women and LGBTQ people, to protect workers’ rights in our trade agreements, to safeguard our privacy on the internet, to root out corruption, and to stand up to dictators like Putin and Kim Jong Un. In all these efforts, I found support from Republicans as well as Democrats. I’m convinced that people across Central New Jersey want a government guided by common sense, integrity, and compassion at home and abroad. Most of all, people want to know that they can count on you when the going gets difficult.”

Malinowski made it clear he considers his candidacy to be part of a larger effort to bring common-sense change to America.

“As I continue to build my team and reach out to residents throughout the Seventh Congressional District, I strongly encourage all voters to join me in supporting Democratic candidates on the ballot in the elections on Nov. 7,” stated Malinowski. “We have critical elections all over New Jersey, and although I take the necessary steps today in beginning our 2018 campaign, I am eager to see our state get back on track.” Malinowski summed up his campaign, “I’ve defended human rights, equality, and the rule of law. Now, those values are threatened by a President governing far outside of American norms along with a Congressman who can’t be counted on. I’ve always fought for what is right- that’s why we’re going to win.”

The 7th District is one of 23 congressional districts represented by a Republican in which Hillary Clinton defeated Donald Trump. In fact, 44 municipalities in the 7th improved their Democratic performance from 2012. The seat is considered the most likely Democratic pick up in New Jersey.

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