Tony Ghee’s Dodge: “Disqualifier” “Ridiculous” “Cringe-Worthy” “Awful”

Tony Ghee’s Dodge: “Disqualifier” “Ridiculous” “Cringe-Worthy” “Awful”

Morris Plains, NJ – To Republican voters, three separate times Antony Ghee has dodged the question of for whom he voted in the last three presidential elections.  Why bother dodging the question?  We know that Mr. Ghee voted for Obama, Obama, and Hillary Clinton, and his repeated stonewalling and Twitter manipulation keep confirming it.

Mr. Ghee’s repeated refusal to say that he voted for Obama & Hillary Clinton is the same cynical and failed tactic tried by Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes in Kentucky in 2014 when she refused to admit that she voted for Barack Obama in that campaign.

As Fred Snowflack of Insider NJ pointed out in his column yesterday, the U.S. Senate campaign of Lundergan Grimes “all but disintegrated when she refused to disclose her 2012 presidential vote. . . . Grimes’ refusal to state the obvious about her vote made her look something less than forthright.”

In 2014, Grimes’s dodging drew scathing and harsh criticism from political analysts hardly sympathetic to Grimes’s Republican opponent Mitch McConnell.

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