Trenton: Progress Report on 1000 Homes Initiative

Progress Report on 1000 Homes Initiative


TRENTON, N.J. – On February 16 and 23, the Trenton Department of Inspections will be conducting a City-wide survey of vacant properties to get an up to date census of vacant properties. Inspectors will also be looking for exterior violations, such as unsafe porch conditions and debris.


As a complement to the survey, residents are encouraged to download and use the GovAlert app for iPhone and Android. There, residents can report any potential violations, such as vacant properties or illegal dumping, and receive updates on the City’s progress remediating the issue.


Mayor W. Reed Gusciora’s 1000 Homes in 1000 Days initiative has made great progress in the first six months. As of December 31, 2018, 215 properties have been issued certificates of occupancy and have gone from vacant to occupied. This includes 169 rentals and 46 owner occupied homes.


“I’m proud to say that this first progress report from the end of the year puts us ahead of schedule with a rate exceeding one home per day,” said Mayor Reed Gusciora. “I want to thank everyone involved in this process of revitalizing Trenton, and I look forward to continued progress on this front.”


The City has identified 2,314 properties as unoccupied. The city-owned homes are properties that were foreclosed on and are in the process of being auctioned off. Part of the process of restoring Trenton includes the community. For more information or to report a vacant property, please visit



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