Trenton’s Damian G. Malave Demands Changes to Deadly Intersection South Ward Council Candidate Wants Dangerous Rt. 129 and Lalor St. Crossroads Addressed

TRENTON, NJ — November 25, 2022 – Damian G. Malave, the candidate who landed the greatest number of votes for Trenton’s South Ward City Council seat, believes dangerous conditions at the Rt. 129 and Lalor St. intersection need increased attention.

“I keep seeing news articles referring to the Route 129 and Lalor Street intersection as the deadliest stretch of road in the nation,” said Damian G. Malave. “Trenton’s Mayor and City Council needs to work harder with state legislators to improve safety issues on this short highway that has had so many devastating accidents.”

Earlier this year, authorities arrested a Bordentown man for a fatal hit and run auto-pedestrian crash that occurred in August of 2021. Almost a year to the day later, a 66-year-old man crossing the Rt. 129 and Lalor Street intersection suffered critical injuries after he was struck by an SUV.

Governor Phil Murphy’s office has announced plans to start a Route 129 Pedestrian Safety Improvement project. The project includes both short-term and long-term solutions according to authorities who have acknowledged the hazardous conditions.

“I am concerned because we have senior apartments at this particular intersection,” Malave stressed. “This is a daily problem that impacts them and other Trentonians as they try to navigate this deadly intersection. The gentleman who was hit by the SUV this August was pushing a stroller with bags of ice he’d presumably just purchased.”

Malave said that as the South Ward Councilman, he feels it is incumbent to get regular updates from state officials regarding their Pedestrian Safety Improvement project, which was authorized during the summer months. He questioned why authorities have dismissed suggestions for a pedestrian bridge as a possible solution.

According to Malave, he believes that this should be the first item addressed by Trenton’s new Council. The City seemingly has not put the state to task with this critical safety concern for South Ward residents said Malave.


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