Trenton’s Latino Merchants Association Throw Support Behind Candidate Gusciora


Trenton’s Latino Merchants Association Throw Support Behind Candidate Gusciora

Trenton, NJ – Trenton’s Latino Merchants Association has endorsed Assemblyman Reed Gusciora (D-Trenton) for the city’s mayoral election. The well-known organization consists of local businesses. They employ hundreds of Trenton voters, and perform an invaluable service in our community.


These are shop owners, electricians, realtors, plumbers, bakers, restaurant owners, mini mart operators, barbershops, and auto mechanics. Every day these dedicated Trentonians make our city a better place. These men and women hail from every walk of life, and every corner of Latin America and the Caribbean. Their cultures and services are invaluable. Their support will be too.

The Assemblyman spent decades in the legislature fighting for our district’s Latino constituents. Just this year he sponsored a bill (A1738) which helps ALL Trentonians apply for driver’s licenses; regardless of their citizenship status.


“Our organization needs a mayor who will lead the city with integrity, and who understands the plights of our hard-working Latino merchants.” – stated a representative of the LMA.


Their representative continued – “The Latino community needs a leader who understands that they are not seeking handouts. But rather, they need someone who will work with them, and guide them towards strengthening our city’s economy; we see these leadership qualities in Reed Gusciora. The Assemblyman has experience working with urban and municipal leaders through his distinguished legislative career. Reed has proven his skills and ethics time and time again. We believe that Reed Gusciora should and will be the next Mayor of Trenton.”


Said Reed Gusciora, “The Latino Merchant’s Association represents a dynamic and growing portion of the Trenton community, and my campaign welcomes their valuable support.

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