United Black Agenda (UBA) Statement on the Passing of Senator Ronald L. Rice

United Black Agenda (UBA) Statement on the Passing of Senator Ronald L. Rice

The United Black Agenda mourns the loss of Senator Ronald L. Rice. Senator Ronald L. Rice was crusader for civil rights and social justice and has worked tirelessly on issues which not only benefit his constituents in the 28th Legislative District but all residents of this state.

Senator Rice had a purpose of serving and advocating for the rights of New Jersey’s impoverished and working class, guided by his strong moral compass in giving voice to issues to which he was committed. Senator Ronald L. Rice will be missed by residents across the State of New Jersey. The members of the United Black Agenda mourn his loss and are dedicated to continuing his fight for New Jersey’s voiceless residents by continuing to fight for equity and justice in New Jersey and beyond. The United Black Agenda is committed to continuing the legacy of working to improve the lives of Black New Jersey residents as Senator Ronald L. Rice did throughout his career.

The legacy of Senator Rice is captured in the words of the song “Stand” from Sly and the Family Stone:

Stand, in the end, you’ll still be you;

One that’s done all the things you set out to do;

Stand, there’s a cross for you to bear;

Things to go through if you’re goin’ anywhere


Stand for the things you know are right;

It’s the truth that the truth makes them so uptight;

Stand, all the things you want are real;

You have you to complete and there is no deal


Senator Ronald L. Rice, you will be missed.


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The UBA is a coalition that provides a shared space and collective voice to promote the health and welfare of Black New Jerseyans. The UBA acknowledges and proactively attacks the root causes of inequality and aggressively pursues legislation, policies, and programs to mitigate the ravages of white supremacy and affirm the tenets of democracy, freedom, and liberty. UBA members include: Rev. Dr. Charles F. Boyer, Carolyn Chang, Rev. Eric Dobson, Reva Foster, Jerome C. Harris, Ryan P. Haygood, Taissa Kelly, Brandon McKoy, and Richard T. Smith.

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