United Passaic Org. Launches Community Financial Hub – Actively Seeking 100 Participating

United Passaic Org. Launches Community Financial Hub – Actively Seeking 100 Participating



Passaic – United Passaic Organization is partnering with Greater Bergen Community Action and the 1st Bergen Federal Credit Union to launch the Community Action Financial Empowerment (CAFÉ) Hub in the City of Passaic. The CAFÉ Hub guides low-income residents through the process of banking – including opening an account, financial literacy, and applying for loans.


“This is a hand-up and not a hand-down,” United Passaic Organization Executive Director Dr. Janelle C. Hall said. “We are looking toward the future of helping families budget, save and see the entire financial picture of their households. We want families to use this knowledge to become self-sufficient. We are setting them up for success and a better quality of life. This program will help families and generations to come.”


United Passaic Organization is kicking off the partnership by recruiting 100 dedicated and motivated participants from the City of Passaic to take advantage of this great and free opportunity. Interested participants or potential participants looking for more information can contact United Passaic Organization at 973-472-2478 or via email at info@unitedpassaic.org.


“Participants will be guided throughout their financial journey until the end,” Hall said. “UPO is repurposing our CARES Act funding to help community members reach financial stability and fulfill our Community Action promise of helping sustain our community.”


The Community Action Financial Empowerment Hub will provide participants with access to:

  • No-Fee Checking and Savings Accounts at 1st Bergen Federal Credit Union
  • Online Financial Literacy courses, offered in multiple languages
  • Financial Counseling offered by phone or online chat
  • No-risk Credit Builder/Credit Repair loans
  • A Private Banker to help clients set goals, complete forms, and take full advantage of the program


In addition to the online Financial Literacy course, which is a self-guided curriculum, UPO will host Wealth Wednesday seminars to supplement any gaps in learning and discuss any questions, concerns, or needs that clients may have regarding finances. The Wealth Wednesday seminars will begin in mid-September 2022.


“UPO will essentially be like a credit union branch to assist clients with all of their needs,” Hall said. “This is all about accessibility because low-income families will now have access to banking tools that they never had before such as a private banker and financial coach. This hub of services is giving them a full-fledged opportunity to utilize real banking products to help them get on their feet and then, teach and grow other people. This will help generations to come on how to be fiscally sound.”


United Passaic Organization has served the City of Passaic since its creation in 1981. It provides a wide variety of services including food assistance, homeless prevention/rental assistance, leadership training, immigration services, tax preparation, and hands-on workshops and seminars to help transform, impact and connect the community through active advocacy.


UPO is actively seeking partners, funders, and volunteers to continue serving the City of Passaic at such a high level. If you are interested in partnering, donating, or volunteering for United Passaic Organization, please contact info@unitedpassaic.org or call 973-472-2478.

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