Longtime Monmouth Dem Chair says Welle can win!


Red Bank, NJ – Victor Scudiery, who chaired the Monmouth County Democrats for 23 years, endorsed Josh Welle for Congress in the 4th Congressional seat held by Chris Smith for 37 years.


In a statement, Scudiery said that “Josh understands the challenges our working families face to pay their mortgages, their bills and their health care. He’s taken the time to listen to our residents’ concerns and has innovative ways and ideas to make Washington work for us again.


“His experience in the Navy and in starting a tech business, give him critical insight into the jobs and careers of the 21st Century. He can help shape a new economy for our region and nation.


“I am particularly struck by Josh’s leadership skills. The Navy taught him well. He has the experience of a Naval Officer who must put service first and protect the rights of all people. We need more people who put service before self in Washington.”


Welle welcomed the support of the chairman, who helped to elect a Democratic majority to Monmouth County government and ended 35 years of Republican rule.


“I’m honored to have the support of such an important leader in politics and business,” Welle said. “Victor’s care and concern for his employees, our party and our institutions is legendary. With his counsel to help guide me, I believe we’re even closer to winning in November.”

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