Vote Uncommitted NJ Sets Goal of 50,000 Votes for “Uncommitted” in Protest of Genocide in Gaza

Trenton, NJ — The Vote Uncommitted New Jersey campaign has worked tirelessly to build support for ending the genocide against the Palestinian people, and to end U.S. complicity with war crimes committed by the apartheid state of Israel. After having successfully organized to place Uncommitted on every ballot for the upcoming June 4th Democratic Party primary, Uncommitted NJ has recruited hundreds of volunteers, canvassed nearly all of the major areas of the Garden State, and conducted numerous phone banks.

“Uncommitted NJ has had the privilege of connecting with tens of thousands of people across this great state, who’ve been heartbroken and disgusted at the Biden administration’s continued funding and support for the Israeli apartheid state.”, said Carissa Cunningham, an organizer and steering committee member of Uncommitted NJ.

When the Uncommitted movement started with Listen to Michigan, they set a modest goal of just 10,000 votes, and a groundswell of support bolstered their final vote total to over 100,000 Michigan voters who rejected genocide. As primaries have unfolded across the country, tens of thousands of Democratic Primary voters from across the nation have made their voices heard, boasting numbers that show Uncommitted routinely collecting over 10% of Democratic Primary voters in states throughout the country.

“As one of the last primaries, our job is clear. We will finish the job that Michigan started and mobilize 50,000 New Jersey voters in order to show that our state will not stand for genocide.”, said Brad Helias, another organizer and steering committee member for Uncommitted NJ.

The events unfolding in Rafah and elsewhere in the Gaza strip just in the past week, President Biden’s refusal to enforce his own self-proclaimed “red line” on Rafah, and Biden’s cowardice in allowing the tragedies to unfold is causing enormous grief and tragedy for Palestinians, citizens of New Jersey, and the world.

Uncommitted will continue our work to win this campaign, taking inspiration from the many New Jerseyans who have committed themselves to sending a direct message to Biden and the Democratic Party leadership by voting Uncommitted on June 4. The group has pledged not to support those who enable genocide.

The Vote Uncommitted New Jersey campaign is a grassroots movement bringing together thousands of New Jerseyans from all backgrounds across the state to demand an end to the genocide of the Palestinian people and the United States’ complicity in it.

Free, free Palestine!

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