WAINSTEIN: Sacco’s Slick New Ad Produced by Racist Republican Rick Shaftan


Sacco’s Slick New Ad Produced by Racist Republican Rick Shaftan

Commercial tells one story while Shaftan’s racist commentary tells another


North Bergen, N.J. – North Bergen Mayor Nicholas Sacco and his running mates released a slickly produced campaign ad that highlights North Bergen’s diversity.  It also attempts to rewrite Sacco’s horrific track record of harming Hispanics and other minorities. As Sacco kicks off his campaign, racist Republican Political Consultant Rick Shaftan has resurfaced.  Recently, Shaftan was paid $25,013.92 by the Sacco controlled North Bergen Democratic Party.

Sacco and Shaftan have a 30 years friendship, which results in Sacco paying Shaftan hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Shaftan was fired from two different U.S. Senate campaigns for making anti-LGBT remarks and for referring to First Lady Michelle Obama as “a racist pig.”  Shaftan is also known for racist tweets that target the African American, Hispanic, and Arab communities.

“If you want to know the real Sacco, look no further than the executive producer of his new campaign ad, Rick Shaftan,” Larry Wainstein said, “Shaftan worked with a Mayor of a neighboring town to attempt to prevent McDonalds from advertising on a billboard in Spanish, he supports ripping children from their parents arms and separating families in detention camps, and he says conservative Phyllis Schlafly was worthier of accolades than Rosa Parks.  Schlafly was an anti-feminist, who advocated ignoring Hispanics voters.”

Sacco himself has a checkered past when it comes to race relations.  Sacco, who doubles as a State Senator, voted against teaching Spanish starting in Elementary School.  He was sued by the NAACP for hiring practices that are anti-African American and anti-Hispanic. Shaftan stated that the NAACP is “the black KKK only more violent.”  Recently, Sacco even voted against making hospital forms available in languages other than English.  Sacco also supports a contract between ICE and the Hudson County jail for $19 million to house non-violent inmates, a majority of whom are Hispanic.

“No matter how many ads Shaftan creates for Sacco, his record is clear.  In Sacco’s North Bergen, your last name determines your destiny.  Sacco has over a dozen family members on the payroll for over $2 million a year.  His son and daughter-in-law make over $200,000 per year, more than ten times the average salary of a North Bergen resident.  Sacco is out of touch, he’s out of time, and come May 14th he’ll be out of office,” Wainstein concluded.

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