Warren County Democratic Committee Chair Tom Palmieri to Menendez: Resign

The regrettable and unexpected indictment of Senator Menendez has been a cause for reflection throughout the Democratic Party and the citizenry of the State of New Jersey.

Historically, Senator Menendez has been a steadfast advocate for our state. He has demonstrated a commitment to helping people and advancing our nation. He has defended a woman’s right to choose, championed environmental protection, and tirelessly worked on gun safety legislation to curb senseless violence in our country. In the realm of foreign affairs, he has stood against the aggressions of Russia and China, while also striving to expand U.S. economic opportunities worldwide.

Yet, this indictment creates an undeniable cloud over Senator Menendez’s ability to perform his duties. Although our justice system upholds the principle of “innocent until proven guilty,” the charges against him are likely to detract from his ability to represent his constituents fully. Moreover, the charges risk overshadowing the efforts and integrity of his Democratic colleagues while negatively affecting the faith of the citizens of New Jersey in our government.

In the best interest of the people of New Jersey, I firmly believe Senator Menendez should resign from the Senate. This would allow him to concentrate on addressing the legal matters before him and ensure that the critical work of our government proceeds without unnecessary distractions.

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