Weinberg Calls for Public Disclosure of State Police Review

Comments from Senators Loretta Weinberg and Kristin Corrado show that with the School Development Authority's (SDA) hiring of Al Alvarez, people failed, not the public system. Alvarez was given a high-powered state job after being accused of raping a woman who also landed a high-powered state job.

Weinberg Calls for Public Disclosure of State Police Review


Trenton – Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg issued the following statement calling on the administration to make public its review of the actions of the State Police in the removal of an individual from the hearing of the Senate Select Committee on Economic Growth:


“In light of the controversy surrounding the removal of an individual from the hearing to gain more feedback on the state’s tax incentive programs the decision by the administration to review the actions of the State Police officers was the right thing to do. Transparency, accountability and disclosure are important standards for public officials and government.


“I also believe that the administration should live up to the spirit and intent of these standards by making the findings of this review public. While we have no reasons to think that the State Troopers did anything wrong, the review of their actions and decisions will help maintain the public’s trust.


“The administration was very public in announcing the review, they should maintain a similar commitment to the public release of the findings. They should do a thorough review of what occurred and share the outcome publicly. If there are any changes we need to make to the policies and practices for public hearings this information will be invaluable.


“I do not condone anyone from being prevented from observing the public’s business – let alone removing people from the State House without good reason. We must preserve the rights of the public at the same time we protect the safety and security of public hearings. The public release of the review and its findings are vital in this effort.”





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