Wisniewski: Today’s federal immigration ruling a win for common sense

SAYREVILLE, N.J. – Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Wisniewski said the ruling by a federal court judge to provide a preliminary injunction against the Trump Administration’s illegal and immoral immigration policies was a win for common-sense.

“The continued attack on sanctuary cities by Attorney General Sessions and the rest of the Trump Administration is immoral and offensive,” said Wisniewski. “As Governor, I will look to make New Jersey a sanctuary state. We need common-sense approaches to immigration that will build trust in the community and improve the quality of life of all residents.”

Multiple studies show that sanctuary cities are likely to have lower crime rates and stronger economies than non-sanctuary cities. The Police Foundation says that local police involvement in immigration enforcement could have a chilling effect on the immigrants cooperating with police — making it harder to catch criminals and reducing public safety for the larger community.

The Newark office of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced that since October arrests of immigrants are up 20% and deportations are up 30%. “The Trump Administration’s goals are clear, it has already started trying to overturn 250 years of American history,” said Wisniewski. “ New Jersey needs a strong and effective advocate that will stand up to the administration and fight to protect all of New Jersey’s residents.”

Wisniewski’s “Sanctuary State” bill in the New Jersey Assembly will prohibit law enforcement from using state resources to investigate, interrogate, detain, or arrest anyone for immigration enforcement reasons.

It also prevents state law enforcement officers from cooperating with federal officers on immigration issues. The legislation will create new data retention policies for schools and health care providers to prevent the federal government from being able to access individuals’ immigration status.

“The Trump Administration has decided to make removing immigrants from our nation its priority,” concluded Wisniewski. “As a nation founded by immigrants, the United States reinvigorates itself when new residents make their way here to live their lives. It is imperative that New Jersey act now to protect and welcome our immigrant neighbors and tell Trump that his policies are what are unwelcome.”




John Wisniewski has served in the New Jersey General Assembly since 1995. As Chairman of the Transportation Committee, Wisniewski led the fight against former Governor Jon Corzine’s attempt to privatize and sell the New Jersey Turnpike and first exposed Governor Christie’s “Bridgegate” scandal. He is the former New Jersey State Democratic Party Chair and recently chaired U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential effort in the Garden State. Born and raised in Sayreville, Assemblyman Wisniewski is an attorney and small business owner in his hometown.
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