Women Sign Letter Supporting Bibi Taylor For LD21 Assembly

The New Jersey Statehouse and Capitol Building In Trenton

Letter Supporting Bibi Taylor


We, the undersigned women who are committed to the ideals and principles of a democratic society where leading  with excellence and service with grace ate our guide and our watch words are pleased to announce our support for Bibi Taylor who has stepped up to announce her candidacy to serve in the New Jersey State Assembly representing the 21st Legislative District.

Bibi Taylor has demonstrated by word and deed that she is ready, willing, and able to serve the interests and meet the needs of the residents of the District.

She brings to the District a wealth of knowledge about state and local finance, a firm grounding in the best practices for student success in public, private and postsecondary schools, a lifelong understanding of the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion in all matters, and a respect for the pivotal role quality family time plays in the health and well being of a community.

Bibi Taylor is smart, hard working, and honest. She listens and learns. She is not only the consummate leader but is an equally intelligent follower.

She is approachable and affable. Her management style has won her accolades from those who have had the pleasure off working with her.

To put it bluntly…Bibi is  “Taylor Made” to take her seat in the New Jersey State Assembly representing the 21st Legislative District and we pledge our time, talent, and resources to help her get there.

New Jersey Endorsees


  1. Daniela Phayme, NCBW Central Jersey Sister
  2. Denise Davis-Smith, NCBW Central Jersey Sister
  3. Veronica Pitts, NCBW Central Jersey Sister
  4. Tasha Youngblood, NCBW Central Jersey Sister
  5. Cheryl Wilson, NCBW Central Jersey Sister
  6. Passion Moss-Hasan, NCBW Central Jersey Sister
  7. Marissa McKenzie, NCBW Central Jersey Sister
  8. Tamika Pollins, NCBW Central Jersey Sister
  9. Areshia McFarlin, NCBW Central Jersey Sister
  10. Tanya Shearin-Redman, NCBW Central Jersey Sister
  11. Jaliyla Fraser, NCBW Central Jersey Sister
  12. Sharondra Walton, NCBW Central Jersey Sister
  13. Lavetta Ross, NCBW Central Jersey Sister
  14. Elsie Foster-Dublin, Councilwoman Highland Park, NJ/ NCBW Central Jersey Sister
  15. Angela Crowell, NCBW Central Jersey Sister
  16. Teska T. Frisby, NCBW Central Jersey Sister
  17. Thelma Ramsey, New Jersey Educator
  18. Makeba McCray, New Jersey Educator
  19. Anna Moss, Retired New Jersey Educator
  20. Alberta Govan, Retired New Jersey Educator
  21. Shakira Ellington, New Jersey Nurse
  22. Lisa Nowell, New Jersey Resident
  23. Cassandra Germain, NCBW Central Jersey Sister
  24. Badia Farha, NJ Broadway, Film & TV Actress/Producer
  25. Regina Carter, New Jersey Educator
  26. Nadirah Keith, New Jersey Educator
  27. Jewel McCummings, New Jersey Educator
  28. Jennifer Benson, New Jersey Educator
  29. Elizabeth Kelly, New Jersey Educator
  30. Sancha Gray, President of the Greater Asbury park democratic club
  31. Tennille Raney, New Jersey Educator
  32. Niambi Daniels Harris, WHYSaveALife Foundation
  33. Aisha Pruett, New Jersey Educator
  34. Tysheka Pruett, New Jersey Educator
  35. Rosiland Pruett, New Jersey Business Owner
  36. Nickon Harris, New Jersey Educator
  37. Zaida Garcia, New Jersey Educator
  38. Obi Udeh, Retired New Jersey Educator
  39. Marilyn Roldan, New Jersey Educator
  40. Lori Person-Baynard, NCBW Central Jersey Sister
  41. Una Satchell Jenkins, NCBW Central Jersey Sister
  42. Bobbie Person, NCBW Central Jersey Sister
  43. Jokora Holman, NCBW Central Jersey Sister
  44. Karen Jones, NCBW Central Jersey Sister
  45. Veborah Reeves, NCBW Central Jersey Sister
  46. DaVisha Bailey-Pratt, NCBW Central Jersey Sister
  47. Shante Middleton, NCBW Central Jersey Sister
  48. Carla Smith, NCBW Central Jersey Sister
  49. Terry Hunter, NCBW Central Jersey Sister
  50. Deborah Green, NCBW Central Jersey Sister
  51. Princess Hoagland, NCBW Central Jersey Sister
  52. Rebecca Williams, Union County Commissioner
  53. Winifred Smith, Executive of Zadie’s of Summit.
  54. Kimberly Brown, CEO Parkway Eye Care Center
  55. Sheila Jeudy Hunter, City of East Orange Program Specialist.
  56. Sergeant Grace Nelson-Williams, Port Authority Police Department
  57. Ayanna Taylor, Former Member, Warren Township BOE
  58. Adrienne J. Collins, Investor, E-commerce
  59. Nichelle Santos, Founding Board Member Elect Women NJ
  60. Tameka Bodden, Director Zadie’s Nurturing Den
  61. Chelsy Smith, Director Zadie’s Early Childhood Education
  62. Carla Thomas, Assistant Teacher Zadie’s of the Oranges
  63. Lisa Clark-Gibbs, CEO Gibbs Group LLC
  64. Karleen Elam, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher Zadie’s
  65. Eleni Mylonas, Fairleigh Dickinson University Adjunct Faculty
  66. Janell Ross, Teacher Assistant Zadie’s of the Oranges
  67. Anita Rivers, Hackensack Resident
  68. Tonya Y. Williams, Owner of Sisters Helping Seniors LLC
  69. Chisholm Carter, Regional President, Humana Medicaid
  70. Taynaya Lee, Union County Resident
  71. Michele Antley, Union Township Board of Health Alternate Member
  72. Ebonique Silver, Senior Risk Manager, Scotiabank
  73. Ruth Samuals, Teacher Assistant Zadie’s of the Oranges
  74. Alicia Pressley, Family Worker Zadie’s of the Oranges
  75. Haily Badolato, Teacher Zadie’s of the Oranges
  76. Yasmin Spain, New Jersey Educator
  77. Latifah Adams, Seton Hall & Kean University Adjunct Professor
  78. Stephanie Downing, Associate Program Directory
  79. Sangita Patel, Teacher Marlboro High School
  80. Tiffany Morton-Olaseinde, Proprietor of Tiffany’s Hair Studio & Spa, LLC
  81. Erica R. Lewis, CEO Faith In Transition, LLC
  82. Arielle Peterson, Founder of Primary Hall Preparatory Charter School
  83. Yvonne Breauxsaus, New Jersey Educator
  84. Andrea Woody, CEO of AW Financial Solutions
  85. Beverly Davison, MD
  86. Shanna Hawes, Sr Business Process Analyst
  87. Cooper, New Jersey Educator
  88. Bobbi Hansford, Director, of Collections Operations
  89. Cindy Allen, President, Greater Princeton Chapter of the Drifters
  90. Cristina Pinzon, Stateside Affairs
  91. Carolyn Thomas, Plainfield, NJ BOE Employee
  92. Lisa Harris, BioPharm Risk Management Professional
  93. Melisa McPhatter, Licensed Clinical Alcohol & Drug Counselor/New Jersey Educator
  94. Joyce Davidson, Manager, Service Operations
  95. Alycia Banks, Senior Vice President of Learning and Diversity at Columbia Bank
  96. Rosetta Wilson, President/CEO The Wilson Education Group
  97. Lisa Rose, Owner of the Zoe Line Products
  98. Melissa Harris, Owner of Inflated Bliss
  99. Chaunte’ Smith, Account Manager Horizon BCBS
  100. Joyce Wilson Harley, Esq.
  101. Debra Spruill, IT Professional
  102. Janice Carter, Retired Hospital Administrator
  103. Adunni Anderson, Retired Head of School
  104. Diane Bundy, Insurance Broker
  105. Wren Lester, Hospital Administrator
  106. Jan Morell, Retired Educator
  107. Dolores Metz, Retired Deputy Mayor
  108. Deborah E. Collins, Esq.
  109. Sabrina Riley, Transportation Administrator
  110. Monique Jenkins, Educator
  111. Marvette Richardson, Accounting Manager
  112. JP Powell, Business Owner
  113. Claudia Woodard, Financial Advisor
  114. Joanne Sanders, Retired Educator
  115. Sharon Spearman, Retired Judge
  116. Haqquisha Taylor, School Business Administrator
  117. Dolores Williams,
  118. Trisha Scipio, Marketing Professional
  119. Anna Mora, Retired Banker
  120. Samantha Newman Webster, Hospital Administrator
  121. Alexis Colander. Educational Consultant
  122. Sandra Carney, Educational Consultant
  123. Mary Bennett, Educational Consultant
  124. Angelina Killane-Sims. Marketing Professional & Non Profit Organization Director
  125. Valerie Pierce, Educator
  126. Hazel Estwick-Hurley, Esq.
  127. Karma Brown Warren, MD
  128. Monique Moore Pryor, College Administrator
  129. Felicia Bourke, Corporate Executive
  130. Stacey Pulley, Marketing Professional
  131. Erica Oliver, Public Relations Professional
  132. Robin Lewis, Educator
  133. Gabrielle Smith, Arts Director
  134. Ali Ryan Scott, Non Profit Organization Director
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