Women’s Political Caucus of New Jersey Proudly Endorses 48 Women Legislative Candidates for 2023 Election

The New Jersey Statehouse and Capitol Building In Trenton

Women’s Political Caucus of New Jersey Proudly Endorses 48 Women Legislative Candidates for 2023 Election

Trenton, NJ – The Women’s Political Caucus of New Jersey (WPCNJ) is proud to announce its official endorsement of 48 women legislative candidates for the General Election this November. These pro-choice women represent a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, and they are united in their dedication to public service.


WPCNJ has a long-standing commitment to promoting gender equality in politics and empowering women to run for public office. The Caucus is confident that the candidates they’re endorsing are well-qualified, dedicated, and prepared to make a difference in their respective roles.


“These endorsements reflect a strong showing of women candidates whose platforms are consistent with our mission, said WPCNJ President, Eileen Kean. “We are thrilled to support their campaigns as they seek to serve their communities and represent the different voices of our state.”


Along with an endorsement, The Women’s Political Caucus of New Jersey Political Action Committee has made significant contributions to candidate campaigns.


Here is a complete list of the endorsed candidates. WPCNJ encourages voters to learn more about these remarkable women and their campaigns and to join us in supporting their bids for public office.

Name LD District Party
Damita White Morris 1 D
Caren Fitzpatrick 2 D
* Pamela Lampitt 6 D
* Carol Murphy 7 D
Andrea Katz 8 D
* Kim Eulner 11 R
* Marilyn Piperno 11 R
Luanne Peterpaul 11 D
Margie Donlon 11 D
Raya Arbiol 12 D
Danielle Mastropiero 13 D
* Victoria Flynn 13 R
Tennille R. McCoy 14 D
* Verlina Reynolds Jackson 15 D
* Yvonne Lopez 19 D
* Annette Quijano 20 D
* Nancy Munoz 21 R
*Michele Matsikoudis 21 R
* Linda Carter 22 D
Lisa Fabrizio 22 R
Alixon Collazos-Gill 25 D
Diane Salvatore 25 D
* Cleopatra Tucker 28 D
Garnet Hall 28 D
* Eliana Pintor Marin 29 D
* Shanique Speight 29 D
Barbara McCann Stamato 31 D
Sydney J. Ferreira 31 R
* Shavonda E. Sumter 35 D
* Ellen Park 37 D
* Shama Haider 37 D
* Lisa Swain 38 D
Giovanna Irizarry 40 D
Jennifer Marrinan 40 D
* Nilsa Cruz Perez 5 D
Lucille Losapio 13 D
* Linda Greenstein 14 D
* Shirley Turner 15 D
Denise King 23 D
Christine Clark 25 D
* Teresa Ruiz 29 D
**Angela McKnight 31 D
**Britnee Timberlake 34 D
* Nellie Pou 35 D
* Holly Schepisi 39 R
Jennifer Ehrentraut 40 D
Mitchelle Drulis 16 D
Renee Burgress 28 D
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