George Norcross’ Attorneys Allege NJEDA Task Force Operated in a Trial-Like Setting

George Norcross’ attorneys alleged in court that the task force formed by Gov. Phil Murphy to investigate NJEDA tax incentive programs didn't have trial-like rights but operated in a similar setting by making a criminal referral to the state attorney general’s office.

In his appearance this morning before Assignment Judge Mary Jacobson, veteran attorney Mike Critchley went off on the task force formed by Governor Phil Murphy to examine NJEDA tax incentive programs.

Critchley denounced a force that did not have trial-like rights but nonetheless employed a trial-like setting.

“Everyone is under investigation,” he said referring to the designs of the task force, which submitted a criminal referral implicating the law firm of the brother of his client, South Jersey Power Broker George Norcross III.

“That’s not what the legislature intended,” Critchley said. “It intended to explain, enlarge, and to clarify. They took that away from us. They say all Norcross wants to do is stop an investigation. That’s absurd. What we don’t have a lack of in New Jersey is investigative agencies.”


Attorney Herbert Stern narrowed the discussion to the judge’s consideration of New Jersey Statute 52:15-7, which states that the governor “is authorized at any time, either in person or by one or more persons appointed by him for the purpose, to examine and investigate the management by any State officer of the affairs of any department, board, bureau or commission of the State and to examine and investigate the management and affairs of any department, board, bureau or commission of the State.”

A few moments later, Governor Phil Murphy’s attorney Ted Wells told Jacobson that 52:15-7 clearly did not authorize the task force to send out subpoenas.

But Governor Murphy wrote a letter to Ronald Chen and designated him with the power to operate under 52:15-7, Wells noted.



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  • Valerie

    Norcrss likes to LIE and SPIN. He wants this investigation shut down so they don’t find out about the criminal activity and money he blatantly stole. HE BUILT A HELIPAD AT THE TOP OF HIS INSURANCE COMPANY IN CAMDEN WHILE THE PEOPLE LIVE IN RUINS. THIS IS A DISGRACE AND NEEDS TO BE HIGHLIGHTED TO EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD

  • Valerie

    As used in this act:

    (a) “Agency” means any of the following while engaged in an investigation or inquiry:  (1) the Governor or any person or persons appointed by him acting pursuant to P.L.1941, c. 16, § 1 ( C. 52:15-7 ), (2) any temporary State commission or duly authorized committee thereof having the power to require testimony or the production of evidence by subpoena, or (3) any legislative committee or commission having the powers set forth in Revised Statutes 52:13-1.

    (b) “Hearing” means any hearing in the course of an investigatory proceeding (other than a preliminary conference or interview at which no testimony is taken under oath) conducted before an agency at which testimony or the production of other evidence may be compelled by subpoena or other compulsory process.

    (c) “Public hearing” means any hearing open to the public, or any hearing, or such part thereof, as to which testimony or other evidence is made available or disseminated to the public by the agency.

    (d) “Private hearing” means any hearing other than a public hearing.

  • Valerie

    Governor Murphy controls New Jersey NOT George Norcross

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