In Push Back Against GOP Guv Candidate, Murphy Campaign Welds Guadagno to Christie


As Kim Guadagno this morning began her press conference in Boonton, the Phil Murphy Campaign launched a pre-emptive strike, getting in front of their Republican rival.

In an ongoing seesaw battle of statements against the backdrop of Murphy beating Guadagno by high double digits, according to most polling, the Guadagno Campaign described the bare bones of her event as a discussion of “Phil Murphy’s tax increases and job-killing agenda.” Senator Tony Bucco, Assemblyman Bucco and Assemblyman Carroll, all of the 25th District, all planned to join the Republican gubernatorial candidate.

“Here we go again,” said Murphy Spokesman Derek Roseman. “For eight years, Kim Guadagno and Chris Christie, backed by their Republican enablers, irresponsibly chose to protect huge tax cuts for millionaires and $8 billion in corporate tax giveaways and stuck the middle class with the tab. Property taxes are up 17 percent as their choices robbed public schools of $9 billion, forcing the middle class and seniors to shoulder the burden while property tax relief was gutted and ignored. She has refused to comment on the fact that household incomes are down five percent under her leadership, while hundreds of thousands of workers will get a measly 16-cent-per-hour raise yet still earn poverty-level wages.”

Christie continues to limp to the finish line of his second term, consistently unpopular according to polling.

“These are the choices Kim Guadagno will keep making if she is given the chance to serve Chris Christie’s third term,” Roseman added. “Kim Guadagno is simply highlighting and underlining the fact that she has no willingness to reverse the damage she and Chris Christie have done our state. Kim Guadagno and Chris Christie made the mess our state is in and it is laughable to think she will do anything but makes things worse.”

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  1. The choice is clear, Murphy wants to raise taxes on our job creators, causing them to leave the state taking millions in tax $ with them and refuses to say if he will end the property tax cap which protects middle class tax payers. Kim wants to fight to reduce taxes. BTW, came across an interesting bit of info the other day. Pensions were funded at 101% until 2002, until the Democrats took over the State Legislature. And here is more about the Democrats record on taxes

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