Ravaged Manville, New Jersey Welcomes President Biden

Trump flag in downtown Manville.
Downtown Manville
Downtown Manville


MANVILLE – The first thing that strikes you upon coming into town are the piles of debris – all types of it – stacked on the sidewalk of Main Street awaiting pick-up.

And then, there’s the shell of the Saffron Banquet Hall, which burned to the ground in the aftermath of last week’s floods. In a perverse predicament, the problem was water as floods prevented firefighters from getting to the scene.

It was this blue collar and Republican leaning Somerset County town that Joe Biden chose to visit today.

Elected officials visiting disaster sites is always a mixed bag politically.

Critics say it’s just a photo-op.

Pete Jarema sat on a chair on South Main Street this morning and said just that.

“He can come here all he wants,” said Jarema, who was proud of the Grateful Dead T-shirt he was wearing and also quick to talk about how he voted last fall.

Not for Biden or Trump, but for “legalized weed.”

As for the president, Jarema said, “I don’t know him, he doesn’t know me.”

A bit later, a man waiting for Biden to arrive outside Central Jersey Regional Airport called the visit a waste of money; he mentioned police overtime.

Then again, if a president, governor, whoever  eschews such a visit, they run the risk of being called indifferent to human suffering. Recall how George W. Bush was criticized for not walking  the streets of New Orleans after Katrina.

Around the corner from where Jarema held forth, Sam Ighohardo, an immigrant from Nigeria by way of New York City, said he liked the idea of Biden visiting. He said flood water kept him out of his home for two days.

Could be, but we live in a divided country.

About a hundred or so Trump supporters saw the event as a great opportunity to rally against Biden.

Waving signs, some of which were obscene, the group at first set up outside a CVS on South Main.

Interestingly, of the handful of people I spoke to, all were from out of town. I conversed with people from Mount Olive, Ogdensburg, Bridgewater and Belle Mead. But none from Manville.

As is always the case with this sort of thing, this was a passionate group.

They waved flags supporting Trump and held signs castigating Biden and claiming, of course, that Trump “won” the election.

Soon, some members of the group moved to the entrance of the airport.

This was more of a diverse crowd.

Some were Biden supporters; others just wanted to see a president, as limited as that view was destined to be.

As the Trump contingent waved their flags and shouted insults, one woman, who said she was an independent, lamented the display of vitriol.

She said the president of the United States deserved respect even if you disagree with him.

Biden’s Marine One helicopter landed shortly after 11 a.m. Soon thereafter, his extensive motorcade rumbled past the crowd outside the airport.

This prompted picture taking by some and a torrent of shouted curses and obscenities from the Trump crowd.

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22 responses to “Ravaged Manville, New Jersey Welcomes President Biden”

  1. Glad he came. The whole State is going to need the power and the “purse strings” of the Federal Government to help the people of New Jersey most effected by this surprise weather event!

  2. Biden brings decades of experience to the WH. He no “hip shot” artist with a blank in his
    little gun.Trump brought little and did not enhance America internally or internationally. Trump appeals to hate and fear a few of whom attended “Dictator 101” I do not personally know Joe Biden. I am not
    an active demo- politico and for years a republican. Trump divided the Republicans and too much of our
    nation. It is just his way.
    Biden is a good man, not self-centered or self-serving like Trump.
    Biden supports the best in America. He does this by telling the truth., by really caring about people and striving for the end of covid. Do not disparage a good man.

  3. That’s right keep bashing the President and disrespecting the country. Just one reason why the needy people of this town won’t get a dime from me. I refuse to donate anything to anyone I don’t know out of risk of helping someone like this out. Sorry free country. My money. Keep your views to yourself and ma be your needs would be met. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4dde7bf0e991baa44b238bee4e17d26ac846a96d7edb6eda084b1798517732d4.jpg

    • I see you read the article carefully.
      Your judgmental dismissal of all the hard working people here is on the same level as these people.
      You are no better.

      Maybe you should spend YOUR MONEY on some reading comprehension classes.

        • Do you read? Did the cool aid render you unable to make out words?
          Did you get hit on the head during the insurrection?

          Interestingly, of the handful of people I spoke to, all were from out of town. I conversed with people from Mount Olive, Ogdensburg, Bridgewater and Belle Mead. But none from Manville.

          Typical Trumptard, clearly stated facts you can read yourself distorted.

          Thank you for showing us all your breathtaking lack of intellect.

          • So on 9-11, one of the most solemn times in our nation’s history, he provides commentary to a sham prize fight with his mentally challenged son, while the rest of the country and our former presidents honor the souls and their families we lost that day. Instead you have all decided to condemn someone based on lies, biases and political vindictiveness. Its sad that so many people fell for the former guy’s lies. I didn’t. So not one dime will come from me. Did he show up to Manville yet. With all those strip club ads on the town’s site I’m surprise Jr hasn’t shown up yet.


    Act like an animal and wonder why you have NO CREDIBILITY. Where was their boy?
    Oh, about 15 miles away unconcerned for them or anyone huddled up with craven idiots feeding the delusion and lamenting no golf that day till the greens dry.

    It is so sad some have completely lost touch with their humanity, humility and ability to see people not political colors. This town needs help not outsiders stirring the pot. Manville has stuck together before and will do so again. This issue is decades long made worse by the ferocity of the storms we see now.

    INFRASTRUCTURE NOW! Flood mitigation and lots of well paying jobs for the blue collar jackasses on that corner provided they don’t get COVID first.

    Now you will say -“regardless of political affiliation” we deserve help.
    Now you will say, “we are all people”
    Now you will need help from the very Government you seek to destroy.
    Now you want empathy you fail to show others.
    Now you want “grants” …..ie; socalist commie pinko handouts

    It is very difficult to have empathy for these individuals.. It is frustrating .

  5. Biden is doing way better especially since He hasnt caused the Deaths of 665,000 Americans so far by letting the Pandemic into Our Country in the 1st place,,

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