Report: Sanders Suspends His Presidential Campaign

Carl Golden, senior contributing analyst with the William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy at Stockton University, takes a look at the current Democratic candidates for President, whom he says are self destructing by pandering to a vocal segment of the party base that has abandoned the country’s mainstream.

Bernie Sanders has ended his 2020 bid for the White House.

Patricia Campos-Medina, vice chair for Bernie in NJ, reacted to the news.

“As an Union organizer I learned a long time ago that we don’t win all our righteous fights, but we must

Campos Medina

keep fighting for what is right,” Campos-Medina told InsiderNJ. “The #CoronavirusCrisis has revealed that our fight for #MedicareForAll for #WorkerRights for #StudentDebtRelief, for #ImmigrantJustice is now more essential than ever. #WeAreEssential and we will keep on fighting and organizing for our values. Thank you Bernie Sanders for inspiring a revolution of ideas. Adelante NJ Progressives…WE are the ones we have been waiting for. Si Se Puede!”

From The Wall Street Journal:

Bernie Sanders, the progressive whose two campaigns for president pulled the Democratic Party to the left, is ending his White House bid after a series of poor performances in primaries made his path to the nomination extremely difficult.

From NBC:

In his 2020 bid, the senator worked to broaden his support with Latino voters, and his coalition grew more diverse because of it. But despite years of outreach to increase his popularity among black voters, Sanders failed to earn their votes in large numbers. He also lost some of his white working-class supporters to Biden, a fracture of his coalition that cost him crucial votes in states like Michigan.

Sanders also stumbled with women voters, facing accusations of sexism in January after tensions between his and Warren’s campaigns spilled out into the open. The two progressives had largely remained allies while campaigning for the nomination, but a series of leaks to the media from aides and supporters of both senators accusing the other camp of dirty tricks and lying culminated in Warren saying in a statement that Sanders once told her he didn’t think a woman could win the presidency.

And this from The Daily Beast:

During an all staff conference call on Wednesday, Sanders said he was suspending his campaign. He will address supporters in a livestream later on Wednesday. “The campaign ends, the struggle continues,” his team wrote in an announcement.

An unparalleled grassroots fundraising network and a progressive base fueled by his 2016 campaign made Sanders a top tier candidate throughout the 2020 campaign. He successfully pulled several of his rivals to the left and watched as many of them contorted themselves, unsuccessfully, to emulate his platform of democratic socialism.

But the progressive policies that inspired so many voters—universal government-run healthcare, tuition-free college, a wealth tax on the richest Americans—repelled many risk-averse Democratic voters who cared more about beating President Donald Trump than bringing down the system that enabled his rise.

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