Response of Governor Murphy to President Trump’s Border Wall Address

Governor Phil Murphy offered the following quote on the heels of President Donald J. Trump’s Border Wall Address: 
“President Trump continues to mislead to justify his nonsensical and damaging shutdown. There is a much better and smarter way for us to invest $5 billion than an impractical non-starter of a wall. The Gateway Project would do more to create jobs, promote economic and national security, and build critically needed 21st century infrastructure. Enough of the misguided rhetoric that is hurting our economy and our people, and making us less safe. Let’s get the government open and get to work to get Gateway done.” 
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  • 1Prop

    Blah, blah, blah. Phibbing Phil trying to seem relevant. Katie Brennan is still waiting for him to do something, but he’s too busy travelling out of the country and grandstanding. Another Christie!

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