The Return of Rosemary Becchi


Rosemary Becchi is back – sort of.

Last year’s Republican congressional candidate in the 11th District said today that she is “relaunching”  Jersey 1st, a non-profit advocacy group with the goal of “creating a voice for New Jerseyans.”

Referring to last year’s campaign without actually mentioning it, Becchi says in a statement that, “I met a lot of hard working New Jerseyans in the past year and they simply want a voice in our government.” She said  many of those with whom she has spoken  – business owners, college students, moms, dads, veterans, members of the disabled community and law enforcement officials – are “all deflated right now” because they feel as if they aren’t being heard in Trenton and Washington D.C.

She said the overriding goal of Jersey 1st is to advocate for better business practices, lower taxes, in-school learning, support of law enforcement and everyday freedoms.

“Too many decisions are being made based on politics and not on science,” Becchi said. “It’s time to open our schools and get our economy going again.”

She also talked about weekly zoom sessions to discuss issues featuring “New Gen” interns from throughout New Jersey who are “dedicated to making a difference.”

Becchi, a tax policy lawyer by profession, ran a spirited campaign last year, losing to incumbent Democrat Mikie Sherrill by almost 30,000 votes in a district that covers parts of Essex, Morris, Passaic and Sussex counties.

No word yet on whether Becchi will challenge Sherrill again in 2022, but running a public advocacy group is certainly a way to stay visible.

In verbiage that sure sounds like that of a candidate, Becchi ends her statement thusly:

“It’s time to change the narrative of politics today and confront the destructive, hateful cancel culture that does more to divide than unify. Our problems here in New Jersey are hard – and we need to work together to solve them. It’s time to put the needs of New Jersey families and businesses first so that the next generation can afford to live in their home state and raise their children here. At the end of the day – that’s our motivation.”

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