Roselle Dems Back Mayor Shaw and Slate

At a special meeting on Thursday evening, Mayor Donald Shaw unanimously received a reelection endorsement from the Roselle Democratic Committee.

On the party-endorsed slate, Shaw will run with Isabel Sousa, who will run for 1st Ward Council, and Delia Ware-Tibbs, who will run in the 3rd Ward.

“I think voters are really going to connect with our message. This is all about bringing the Borough together to move forward. No more looking back, no more old divisive politics, we’re delivering tangible results and we’re doing this together,” Mayor Donald Shaw said after receiving the nomination. “Working with the Borough Council, my administration secured $4 Million in additional grant money for the new Roselle Public Library. We’ve repaved dozens of roads, we’ve brought new business opportunity, and we’ve done it all with three consecutive years of 0% municipal tax increases.”

The cooperative spirit among Mayor and Council is a welcome change from past administrations where the two were often at odds and the town’s progress was stunted, the team argued.

“Our focus is on meeting the needs of the people. As Democratic Chair, it’s important that we field a slate of dynamic individuals who will rise to that challenge. The Mayor has done an excellent job and deserves the opportunity to build on his success. In Isabel and Delia, he is running with two local leaders who will put all of their energy into delivering results for their constituents. You could see in that room tonight how unified we are on moving forward, being stronger together,” said Assemblyman Reginald Atkins, who serves as Roselle Democratic

“We’re thrilled to have the endorsement of the Roselle Democratic Committee. We’re committed to residents of our Wards and we are both eager to get out knocking doors and talking to residents about their concerns. Alongside the Mayor, we really believe in the message that we work for the people and it will be an honor to bring our neighbor’s voices with us on the Borough Council,” said Isabel Sousa, 1st Ward Candidate, and Delia Ware- Tibbs, 3rd Ward Candidate.

In an additional statement, current Council members Council President Brandon Bernier, Councilwoman At-Large Denise Wilkerson, 4th Ward Councilwoman Cindy Thomas, and 5th Ward Councilman John Fortuna endorsed Mayor Shaw and his running mates.
“Working with the Mayor, we have ushered in a new era of Roselle politics and we applaud the Roselle Democratic Committee for endorsing a slate that is committed to the residents of Roselle. This election is critical to Roselle’s future and we look forward to the Shaw, Sousa, Ware-Tibbs’ ticket success in June. We believe these candidates will be excellent partners in governance, all of whom bring boundless energy and unique viewpoints which will help us serve the needs of all of the families, seniors, and taxpayers of this great Borough.”

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  1. They are all a bunch of liars who need the Lord to save their souls.

    Wicked individuals who are only thinking about themselves and not the true interests of the residents.

    Trying to mess over churches within the community

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