Sabath Hires on as new Executive Director of NJPRO


The New Jersey Policy Research Organization (NJPRO) today announced the hiring of a new Executive Director: AJ Sabath of the Advocacy & Management Group.

“We are very pleased to have AJ Sabath on board with us,” said Charlene Brown, a Senior Executive at AT&T who serves as the president of the Board of Trustees.  “After a thorough interview process, we are certain that AJ is the ideal candidate who will successfully lead NJ PRO in a direction aligned with our strategic priorities.” 

The NJPRO Board of Trustees voted to hire an executive director who has the necessary experience to the lead the organization and a strong background with in public policy.  A formr Dick Codey chief of staff and former head of the Department of Labor, Sabath will work closely with the Board of Trustees, as well as manage the day to day services and functions of the organization, according to an NJPRO press release.

NJPRO has done research reports, which include Building Bridges, Sustainability for Business, Making NJ a Better Place to Do Business, Teaching Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs Today, and The Road to an Innovation Ecosystem. The Building Bridges report offers a path toward economic recovery that capitalizes on new partnerships among New Jersey business, research universities and state government. Sustainability for Business offers a primer on the sustainability landscape facing New Jersey companies today. The Road to an Innovation Ecosystem highlights from the Past Five Years commemorates advances in the state’s culture of collaboration. Making NJ a Better Place to Do Business is a report that covers a multitude of issues New Jersey businesses are forced to face due to factors such as location, pricing and taxation, and the state of affairs within the government. Teaching Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs Today covers that research may be important so that rather than instilling in children a bias for school with mind-numbing, repetitive and outdated approaches, they are presented with practical and applicable life practices that they will utilize in the future.  


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