Sacco-Backed Team Blows Out Wainstein Team in North Bergen

Mayor (and state Senator) Nick Sacco’s endorsed candidates Claudia Baselice, Kanu Patel and Luis Diaz dominated in North Bergen’s Board of Education election tonight, winning 88% of the vote against a 17 candidate field including three backed by Larry Wainstein.

Sacco turned back Wainstein in the last mayoral election. Tonight, he chest-thumped over his twice felled opponent.
“Larry Wainstein spent at least $100,000 and personally went door to door to support his Board of Education candidates and all he has to show for it is a measly 500 votes,” said Sacco spokesman Phil Swibinski. “This is a truly pathetic showing and it proves that Wainstein is gaining zero traction among North Bergen voters. Mayor Sacco’s team once again delivered an overwhelming win despite terrible weather and the result is a testament to his leadership and the strength of our organization. Wainstein’s mistake of opposing the Mayor’s plan to bring a new high  school to North Bergen is going to haunt him for years to come.”
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