Schepisi Condemns Mandatory High Density Housing in New Jersey


State Senator Holly Schepisi (R-39) today spoke out on the divide in New Jersey’s public discourse between climate change and land use practices identified in this InsiderNJ piece.

Schepisi said the following:

“I have been banging the drum on this for years.  For a State that claims it is ‘all about the environment’ it is the height of hypocrisy to continue to mandate municipalities build high density housing in the most densely populated state.  We had the highest numbers of death due to COVID (allegedly due to our density), we had the highest numbers of death due to flooding from IDA and yet so long as we are forcing electric cars and wind turbines all should be OK.

“Over the years I have begged environmental groups and my democratic colleagues to support my initiatives that would permit environmental considerations, including infrastructure concerns, flooding in communities, water and sewer capacities to be taken into account before municipalities are forced to build hundreds if not thousands of additional units of housing because of Mount Laurel,” Schepisi added.

“None of these groups nor any of my Democratic members of the legislature that stand on soap boxes claiming to care about the environment have supported or moved forward ONE of these reasonable bills.  You cannot legitimately claim to care about global warming and turn a blind eye to the government forced overdevelopment in this State.”

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