Senator Steve Sweeney Discusses Plans To Make New Jersey More Affordable On State Of Affairs

Steve Adubato is joined by Senator Steve Sweeney (D) – NJ, Former Senate President, to discuss “Democracy at a Crossroads,” his plans to help make New Jersey more affordable, the biggest issues with the 2021 election, and the importance of high quality, affordable childcare for the state’s economy.

Steve Adubato asks Senator Sweeney what he means when he says, “I’m not done.” Senator Sweeney answers, “Continuing to make New Jersey a better place. There’s a lot of work to be done, but you know we’ve accomplished a whole lot. It’s not just me as an individual but as legislators. We saved the pension fund from going bankrupt.” He also says, “Negotiating healthcare changes with the teacher’s union who tried to defeat me four years prior, on how to save a billion dollars, that’s big stuff.”

Regarding affordable quality childcare in New Jersey, Sen. Sweeney says, “Parents can’t go to work if they have to sit home with their children. We have to invest in childcare to make it affordable.”

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