Sherrill and Gottheimer Win

Mikie Sherrill and Josh Gottheimer appear headed to victory in CD-11 and 5 respectively.
Both incumbents strongly defended their turf, using huge financial advantages to bludgeon their opponents with negative ads.
It seems  to have paid off.
Gottheimer is getting 64 percent of the vote against Republican Frank Pallotta.
In CD-11, Sherrill is amassing 63 percent of the vote against Paul DeGroot.
Don’t be surprised if the leads narrow over the next few hours, but it’s hard to see the challenges prevailing.
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One response to “Sherrill and Gottheimer Win”

  1. Yippee CD-11 & CD-5 your unrestricted THIRD trimester “abortions” are safe. Congratulations on voting for ” infanticide” over 10-40% Grocery inflation, NO BAIL release of criminals who have served notice on civilized society, $5 gas, 40% increase in natural gas heating bills, windmills & solar panels that aren’t anywhere ready to handle the loads. But hey, blessed relief for me, I don’t have to watch an “abortion” ad every 2 minutes. Thank you voters, stay warm this winter.

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