Sires Picks His Running Mates for West New York Slate

Albio Sires, former Congressman and current Mayoral Candidate for West New York, announced his full slate of Commission candidates to join his ticket at a press event today. Sires’ ticket includes Commissioner Victor Barrera, Adam Parkinson, Marielka Diaz, and Marcos Arroyo.

“I am honored to be joined in this campaign by a group of dynamic leaders who represent the diversity of our community and who will each bring their own unique experience and perspective to the Board of Commissioners,” said Sires. “Serving as Mayor of West New York was the honor of my life in public service and I am excited to return to my adopted hometown to move our community forward. We will need a team on the Board of Commissioners that will work collaboratively with me to deliver for West New York, and I am very confident that Victor, Adam, Marielka and Marcos are the right candidates to make it happen.”


Albio Sires

  • Former United States Congressman (2006-2023) securing federal funds for school improvements, housing security, park expansion and improvements, rental assistance programs, public transportation, COVID funding, and tax relief
  • First Latino and Cuban American to serve as Speaker of the New Jersey General Assembly and Mayor of West New York
  • Experience as a small business owner and Memorial High School graduate and teacher


Victor M. Barrera

  • First Ecuadorian American Commissioner of the Town of West New York and proud graduate of Memorial High School
  • Over 25 years of experience working with senior citizens expanding senior citizen services
  • Renovated majority of West New York parks and playgrounds including Centennial Field, Miller Stadium, Little League facilities, and the Town Swimming Pool and implemented park security program


Adam W. Parkinson

  • President of the West New York Board of Education (9 years) and Hudson County School Boards Association, youngest person to be named New Jersey’s School Board Member of the Year in 2022
  • Proud graduate of Memorial High School and public-school educator with experience in teaching and administration
  • Oversaw renovations to school buildings and Coviello Field, expanded Memorial High School, and worked to make West New York a High Performing School District


Marielka A. Diaz

  • Trustee of the West New York Board of Education, Trustee of the Public Library Board, and Democratic Committeewoman
  • Dominican-American business owner in West New York with a master’s in administration and background in finance and administration
  • Expanded tutoring and other educational programs with members of the West New York Library Board


Marcos A. Arroyo

  • Longtime Rent Control Advocate who immigrated from the Dominican Republic to the United States who has lived in West New York for over 30 years
  • Over 25 years of experience in housing and building management working on behalf of residents throughout New Jersey
  • Recipient of the Management Achievement Award for his work addressing resident housing and staffing needs

West New York Commissioner Yoleisy Yanez is not running for reelection and appeared at this afternoon’s press conference to endorse the Sires slate.

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  1. Interesting that you have a picture of Sires with Menendez, Jr. Sires (and the HCDO) endorsed Menendez for Congress, just this past November when Menendez ran against Marcos Arroyo, the Republican candidate. Now Arroyo is on the ticket running with Sires, who is being backed by the HCDO?


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