The Smoking Gun Regarding Ciattarelli’s Falsehoods about his Romance with the Trump Big Lie


Since Election Day 2020, Republican Gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli, in an effort to woo the Trump MAGA forces in New Jersey continuously refused to refute the Trump campaign Big Lie:  That Donald Trump was the real winner of the 2020 presidential campaign and that Joe Biden stole the election from him.

The MAGA forces never really trusted Jack Ciattarelli. He knew that.  So rather than deny the Big Lie, he romanced it.

His obsequious attempt to win the love and affection of MAGA New Jersey had no bounds of decency or self – dignity.  He went so far as to speak to a “Stop the Steal” rally” on November 28, 2020.  Regarding this appearance, Ciattarelli stated that “ “It was never advertised to me as a Stop the Steal rally.”Next, after the outgoing President Donald Trump incited a violent insurrection against the United States of America on January 6, 2021, all on the basis of the Big Lie, Jack Ciattarelli continued to hold The Donald harmless. Jack claims to be a “Law and Order Man”, but in pursuit of his irrepressible ambitions, he refused to hold Trump accountable for his lawlessness. He still would not refute the Big Lie.

Instead, Jack shamelessly falsely blamed both parties for creating “hyper partisan rhetoric that” inflamed not only the Capitol riot, but the violent protests in cities last year.”

“No one is innocent here. We need a bipartisan, zero-tolerance policy on this behavior — both in word and action,  As someone aspiring to be governor and the leader of our state, I am committed to leading the way and making New Jersey a model for how our country can move forward.”

This statement was so outrageously beyond any bounds of credibility that I called Ciattarelli personally to confront him on this.  He told me that at the time he made the statement, he was in transit and had not been briefed on the facts.  But he never issued a corrective statement.

And not until January 20, 2021, the  day of the Biden -Harris inaugural, did I see any even implicit statements by Jack Ciattarelli that Joe Biden had been lawfully elected president.

At this point, I could no longer believe any of Jack Ciattarelli’s pathetic rationales for his coddling of the Trumpist “Stop-The-Steal” movement . When one makes so many lame excuses for his pathetically misleading statements, you obviously will tend to believe none of them.

Today, however, there is a smoking gun that leads me to believe that Jack Ciattarelli lied about his claim of lack of prior knowledge of the purpose of  the November 28  rally.  Take a look at this flyer advertising the November 28 Ciattarelli  speech that day as an appearance before a “Stop the Steal rally.”

Case closed.

Ciattarelli will cry crocodile tears about how this flier was not published by his campaign.  If you accept this blather, you have to believe in the following three-part tragicomedy scenario 1) that in the middle of the post Trump campaign frenzy, Jack Ciattarelli did not check to see how his appearance on November 28 was being advertised: 2) that Jack never asked his campaign staff to check it out; and 3) they saw the flyer yet never told him.

If you believe this three part clown show,  you have to conclude that both Jack Ciattarelli and his campaign staff are outrageously incompetent.  A political figure with this degree of incompetence who appoints even more incompetent people to top management positions is manifestly unfit to aspire to the Governorship of New Jersey.

All this exposure of the lies/or incompetence of the Ciattarelli romance with the Stop-the-Steal movement is occurring days before the rally for the Trumpist insurrectionists in Washington.  The timing could not be worse for Jack Ciattarelli.  And in the midst of this frenzy, the following Brad Lawrence-Steve DeMicco commercial regarding Jack’s romancing of MAGA New Jersey and the Stop- the-Steal movement is certain to score a knockout blow.

In the words of  former heavyweight champion Joe Louis regarding challenger Billy Conn before their 1946 rematch, Jack Ciattarelli can run, but he can no longer hide from his romance with the Stop-the-Steal movement.  Now that the flyer of his November 28 speech before th eStop-the-Steal rally  has been revealed, the hiding is over – and so are his chances against. Phil Murphy.
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  1. Four years ago, when Jack running the primary, I really liked him. I especially liked his plan to recover the income tax that NJ commuters have to pay to NY. If he had won that primary, I think I would have voted for him over Murphy. But it’s four years later, many people have been infected by MAGAtism, and Jack decided to pander to them. He should have realized that there are more Independents and Moderate Democrats in NJ than MAGATs. What a waste.

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