Source: Brennan’s Testimony Within the Context of Murphy COS Conversation


In the case of a transition from the Peter Cammarano era to another chief of staff on the heels of


unfolding Katie Brennan testimony, the replacement would likely be a woman, a Murphy World source told InsiderNJ.

The source did not say that Cammarano’s departure is imminent, but if and when he’s consumed by burn-out, within the context of the select oversight committee inquiry, described today as “deeply troubling” by a Trenton insider, a woman seems like a natural successor at COS as a wobbly Murphy presumably attempts to take corrective action.

Jose Lozano’s name continues to circulate, but as head of the transition team now under scrutiny his star appears to have drooped.

Again, a woman seems more likely, the source insisted.

Possible names include Lynn Haynes, deputy chief of staff for cabinet affairs; Kathleen Frangione, chief policy adviser; or Deb Cornavaca deputy chief of staff of outreach.

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