Space Punches Back: I’ll Resign When Every Democrat Takes A Polygraph

Zapped by Democrats today after a recording surfaced on Politico that captures him using the word “bitch,” a defiant Assemblyman Parker Space (R-24) hit back in a statement.

“I will resign when every Democrat legislator and every Democrat candidate up to and including Phil Murphy, take a polygraph to determine whether or not they have ever used the same word. Afterwards, we can all resign together,” Space said.

“In fact I will reach out and find a polygraph technician to be available at the next session day and set up a table outside of the Democrat caucus for their convenience. It will be as easy as getting their blood pressure checked,” he added.

On the heels of the flap, Jacqueline Stapel (pictured) issued a statement to InsiderNJ.

“As an individual and a Sussex County resident, I am deeply offended that a private conversation amongst myself, Jennifer Hamilton and Parker Space was secretly recoded and leaked to the media for cheap political gain,” Stapel said. “As an American, I denounce its secret leakage and use by the media and political campaigns because it is undermining everyone’s private rights. With underhanded tactics like this, it’s no wonder why Democrats and Republicans have a more difficult time working together for the common good.

“Parker Space is my friend,” she added. “I may not agree with him on issues, but that does not lead me to hate him. Unfortunately some people can’t see the difference between disagreement and hate and it is denigrating our political discourse.”

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10 responses to “Space Punches Back: I’ll Resign When Every Democrat Takes A Polygraph”

  1. But let’s be clear Ms. Stapel- you are MORE offended by the leaking of the audio than you are by Space’s use of the derogatory word that rhymes with “witch” to describe a political opponent or any woman for that matter? I am offended that you would seek to normalize Mr. Space’s hateful rhetoric by pointing at a shiny object “over there” to distract from the real issue here which is that Mr. Space’s recent behavior is an indication that he is not fit to represent ALL residents of Sussex County equally and without bias- THAT is what is really denigrating to the office he has been elected to.

  2. Oh Ms. Stapel, what’s denigrating politics is politicians calling people names instead of engaging in discourse. And if Parker Space doesn’t understand that anything he says in public can be recorded and used against him, he’s maybe not quite bright enough to serve in the legislature.

  3. This is a grown man’s response to being called out for disrespecting his political opponents? (He did say he’d go on record with the name calling so shouldn’t be upset it went public) We teach our children to take responsibility and make amends when they hurt someone or behave badly. This lawmaker still doesn’t know how to be a man, accusing the whole world of transgression when he’s caught, daring people to stand up to his bullying rather than showing humility and leadership. I don’t care at all that he’s got nice friends. I care that he’s callous and uncaring but making laws that govern me and my community.


    This elected official’s behavior is UNACCEPTABLE. This is not a grey area. IT IS. He was recorded being completely disrespectful to Kate Christie Matteson and INSTEAD of apologizing is suggesting all of Sussex County Dems take a polygraph test.

    NO just NO. First you owe her an apology and that is not it. Second you should be embarrassed and publicly apologize to your constituents for representing them so poorly with this disgraceful behavior. Thirdly polygraphs are not reliable. Fourthly – neither is Parker Space. I repeat AGAIN – NO JUST NO. Try again.

  5. What in the world is wrong with this man? Does he not realize that as an Assemblyman, he is ‘on the record’ all the time? Yes, people should absolutely be entitled to private lives, but when one signs up for public office one trades some of that for the elected role. For crying out loud, he is representing people! Why can’t he do the responsible thing and just apologize like a person with any grace or dignity would? Why does he have to keep digging himself a bigger hole? I do not understand his behavior. Even if not an Assemblyman and just as the bearer of the name of a family business, one would expect more tact than he is showing with his words and choices. Sussex County, you deserve better.

  6. The whole country is laughing at the silly buffoons attacking Parker Space for being a guy who enjoys good music and doesn’t give a F what others think of him. If you don’t like it, he doesn’t want your vote anyway. The Democratic Party has made this stupidity a litmus test for their candidates, and that’s fine with me. Between violent Antifa and BLM thugs, statues being destroyed, severed Trump heads and attempts to shoot pro-Trump Congressmen, they are giving me more material and B-Roll than I could ever use in 2018 — and they’re only going to get crazier and more unhinged. And there’s no way for they can escape the political noose they’ve wrapped around their necks because the Alt-Left is now too powerful to oppose. And outside the radical left kook fringe, the polling on this is really really bad.

  7. Here’s the problem with Parker Space. He fails to understand that as an Assemblyman he is expected to show a certain level of professionalism. It is inappropriate for an Assemblyman to post a picture of himself in front of a symbol most people consider racist and make a snide in-your-face remark about it. It is inappropriate for an Assemblyman to have a rant about his opponent that includes misogynist profanity. It is inappropriate for an Assemblyman to sit in an assembly session playing solitaire on his cell phone while important issues are being discussed. His lack of professionalism is an embarrassment to the 24th district. This has absolutely nothing to do with anything done by anyone else, and it looks juvenile for him to even bring that up. If he can’t learn to act like an Assemblyman, perhaps he should not be one.

  8. Space is a national laughingstock for his stupid confederate flag tweet, and now he is a national embarrassment for slinging vulgarities at his opponent. Also he clearly lacks the education to know that “polygraph tests” are hardly a completely accurate arbiter of truth.

    What is wrong with the voters of Sussex County that they find such a creature (“man” is clearly not an accurate term) acceptable as their elected representative?

  9. Interesting. The single most intelligent comment in this whole brouhaha comes from the one person not running for political office.

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