Speaker’s Allies Demand Removal of Anti-Prieto Flyers In Letter to Attorney General Porrino

Allies of Speaker Prieto fired off a letter to Attorney General Porrino demanding the removal of anti-Prieto flyers that were seen on Statehouse doors and other government structures today.  The letter, signed by the NJEA, Working Families NJ, and the CWA, specifies that if their legal counsel receives no response from the AG, they will contact the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office.


“We have learned that, earlier today, as of July 1, political attack ads were posted at numerous state government offices and facilities, and understand that this was done by State executive branch employees,” the letter reads.  It goes on: “The printing and posting of neutral signs stating the fact of a facility’s shutdown might be appropriate.  What is wholly inappropriate is any action designed to engage in tax-payer funded political attacks against people with whom the Executive Order’s author may have a policy disagreement, including the printing of, and labor involved with the posting of, these signs.”


The group demands all anti-Prieto signs be taken down within two hours of the AG’s receipt of the letter and “preserved as evidence for use in future litigation” or other administrative proceedings, and – pending removal – further demand the right to post their own signs with a message of their choosing without interference.


See the full letter here: NJEA-CWA-WF-AG Letter


Image included in the group’s letter


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