Spring Lake Heights Councilman Merriken Arrested – Again

According to a report in the Asbury Park Press, Spring Lake Heights Councilman Richard Merriken was arrested yesterday.  He was charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance and possession of controlled dangerous substance paraphernalia, according to police.  

In April, Merriken was arrested and charged with having a hypothermic needle in his car.  He subsequently stated he had planned to resign from the Council – only to walk it back a few hours later.

According to the APP report, local GOP officials are furious with Merriken in the wake of his second arrest.  Council President Christopher Campion told the APP that Merriken is ‘an embarrassment to himself and the Borough of Spring Lake Heights. He is a disgrace to the position he holds. There is no logical reason for him to stay in office’ while GOP Chair Richard Diver said ‘I told him explicitly that he needs to resign, and he needs to resign immediately. His response was that he needs to speak with his attorney.’

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