Stack Goes off on Weinberg in Caucus in Defense of Suarez

State Senator Brian P. Stack (D-33) was described as livid in the Senate Democratic Caucus room today as he went off on the select committee co-chaired by Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg (D-37) for what he said was the committee’s role in calling into question the determinations made by the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office in the Katie Brennan/Al Alvarez case and injuring the reputation of Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez.

“This is wrong,” Stack said in the caucus room after a report appeared detailing the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office’s reassertion of the conclusions of Hudson in not filing charges against Alvarez.

Just trying to find the facts, Weinberg – co-chair of the select committee on investigations – apparently told Stack. The select committee on investigations didn’t call Suarez or subpoena her.

But Stack wasn’t hearing it, angry about what he said was the stain on Suarez’s reputation.

He went off.

One person said he/she had never seen Stack so angry.

Senator Nick Sacco (D-32) raised the same concern.

A source said no one actually mentioned Weinberg by name, but did target the committee co-chaired by the Teaneck senator.

Senator Vin Gopal (D-11), Senator Joe Cryan (D-20) and Senator Paul Sarlo (D-36) expressed the same concerns as Stack and Sacco.

“There is no evidence Esther Suarez did anything wrong,” said Sacco, less animated, but no less pointed than fellow Hudson County Senator Stack.

Part of the conversation revolved around taking Suarez’s name out of the hiring reform bill.

“If the bill is truly about hiring practices why is her name in there?” the senators demanded.

A source told InsiderNJ that Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3), after hearing the banter back and forth, and noting the fury of Stack’s critique, committed to taking out of the hiring reform bill that part pertaining to Suarez.



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  • Joseph Blaettler

    Just trying to find the facts, Weinberg – co-chair of the select committee on investigations – When did facts ever matter with Brian (the boss Stack) WOW yelling at an 80 year old woman, does that make you feel like a real man Brian?

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