Statement by Senator Pennacchio on the Upcoming Legislative Primary


Statement by Senator Pennacchio on the Upcoming Legislative Primary

Months ago myself and my Assembly partners announced mutual endorsements for our upcoming campaign. Concurrently I supported  MCRC’s efforts to establish an organizational line. Who would be awarded the line and whether an organizational line would even pass, no one including myself, knew.  I congratulate Christian Barranco on his hard won victory in gaining MCRC’s organizational line. Some people have asked me whether I would rescind my support for my Assembly colleagues and change that support to Christian. Months ago I had given my word of support  to both of my Assembly partners. I can not and will not go back on that word. I want my  constituents and all to know that I honor my word and commitments. Arbitrarily going  back on my word may give people pause to think of my future commitments as well. I will not let that happen. Because of the changing dynamics of this campaign I will be running my own separate Primary campaign to retain my Senate seat.  In closing this primary election is too important for me to possibly add to any distractions of our upcoming general election in November. The choice of Jay, BettyLou or Christian is far superior to any candidates the Democrats may choose to run for the Assembly.

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