The Mueller Report and Stuff that Politics is Made of

Former Senator Bernie Kenny argues that to win the 2020 presidential election, Democrats need to do whatever necessary to wake people up on election day and run to the polls to vote, as Republican voters will already be there.


The thing that has been ,
It is that which shall be ;
And that which is done ,
Is that which shall be done ;
And there is nothing new
Under the sun .

Ecclesiastes 1:9

King Solomon
935 BC

There is an immutability to human nature which civilizations have addressed for thousands of years through norms and mores. The knowledge of good and evil, of power, of mortality, of a Divine Presence is encoded in our DNA. It is the stuff that politics is made of.

American governance at its best recognizes the immutable nature of man , of his virtue and vice , having established the rule  of law and institutions undergirded by our Constitution that’s foundational premise is a proposition:  All Men Are Created Equal and its corollary , No Man Is Above The Law.

These are the cardinal principles from which our lifeblood flows as a nation , a nation defined neither by blood or geography but by values: The sine non qua of a diverse society which when threatened presents the crisis we face today.

Which brings us to the Mueller Report. Though some wish Mueller had made explicit “findings,” he was right, in effect, to refer his report to Congress. The President’s men ironically ridiculed him for his deference to the Office of the President. Mueller said the President could not be indicted but could be impeached by Congress. We are fortunate to have Robert Mueller at this juncture in our history. He is a patriot.

The ” process ” investigations which Speaker Pelosi has commenced must by right lead inevitably to Impeachment. Congress must mark it down that the criminal conduct of this President is egregious beyond any precedent.

To those who say that Impeachment will backfire politically in 2020 , the answer is we don’t know. No one knows. The truth is this next election will be all about Trump and whether we still have a country that our ancestors would recognize.

Bernie Kenny of Hoboken is the former senator representing the 33rd District.

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