Sussex County Women Stand up in Support of Tom Palmieri

“As women who have been involved in Sussex County Democratic politics for several years, we feel compelled to stand up in defense of Chairman Tom Palmieri,” are the first words in a letter penned today in defense of the party leader.

The rest of the letter:

“We know Tom as a dedicated family man, a friend to our committee, and an honorable public servant. We write this letter to affirm that, after years of working with Tom, none of us have experienced any of the behavior of which he is being accused. Tom always treated us with respect and decency. Tom has always gone above and beyond to help our committee, and he was very courteous and respectful to our members. Many of the undersigned were members of an Executive Board and Executive Committee on which a majority of women served. Tom often participated in our meetings as well as other SCDC events. Tom never engaged in inappropriate behavior. He was always happy to be a part of our organization and was willing to help us succeed.

“We stand firm in our support of Chairman Palmieri.
This accusation is not consistent with our collective experiences working with him. Tom is a good and decent man who has always been a strong supporter of women in politics.”

Colleen Figueiredo, Andover Borough Committeewoman

Leslie Huhn, former SCDC County Chair

Jo Lewis, Sparta Committeewoman

Deana Lykins, former Candidate LD24

Kate Matteson, former LD24 Candidate

Shelly Morningstar, former Mount Olive Municipal Chair

Lisa Murphy, former SCDC Secretary

Daryl Savage former Sparta Municipal Chair

Michele Van Allen, Sussex County State Committeewoman

Diane Wexler, former SCDC Treasurer

Elaine Wexler, Andover Committeewoman

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