The SUVS Begin to Roll in Again on West State Street

Acting Governor Sheila Oliver signed A1094 into law on July 25, which makes it unlawful for any NJ employer to screen a job applicant based on their salary history or any other current or previous compensation. The law is designed to ensure that NJ employees receive salaries commensurate with their skills, qualifications, and experience, instead of being allowed to perpetuate the wage gap by allowing prospective employers to offer lower salaries to women and minorities than they otherwise would.

TRENTON – Ahh, Trenton.

The mugginess rises like post apocalyptic napalm above the river.

A black SUV with tinted glass just pulled up.

The driver got out and opened the back door.

Lieutenant Governor Sheila Oliver emerged and disappeared inside 225 West State Street, where she was expected to join Governor Phil Murphy in preparation for a budget meeting with Senate President Steve Sweeney and Speaker Craig Coughlin and their chief seconds.

UPDATE: They were all inside, including Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald, by 9:30 a.m.

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