Sweeney: Voting Session 10 P.M. at ‘the Earliest’

Insider NJ's Fred Snowflack discusses Gov. Phil Murphy's reluctance to apply pressure to Democrats in the NJ Legislature in order to get the programs and legislation he wants supported and how it is hurting Murphy's administration.

TRENTON – A suspenders-wearing, jacketless Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3) just roared the corner on his way in to Speaker Vincent Prieto’s (D-32) office.

“Not yet,” he told InsiderNJ, when asked if the deal is done.

But on his way out about five minutes later, the fast-striding Sweeney acknowledged that the governing bodies were close to reorganizing.

“I would say ten at the earliest,” the senate president said.

A few minutes after Sweeney disappeared, a contingent of Horizon suits arrived and made their way down the hallway toward Prieto’s office. “We’ll have to see a draft of the bill,” Horizon’s Bill Castner told InsiderNJ before galloping down the stairs into the speaker’s quarters.

In the hallway outside the speaker’s office, a source told InsiderNJ that it’s all over but the governance portion of the legislation with language regarding board appointees by the governor, speaker and senate president amounting to the last sticking point.

If the leaders signed off, Prieto would pass the budget first: the abstain votes would flip to yes votes. Then he would get the 60 votes for the revamped emergency Horizon restructuring bill.

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