The Assembly Scoreboard

Take a look at the Assembly board from yesterday’s budget vote, with a final tally of 46-28 with no abstentions.

The GOP voted en masse against it.

Hudson was a mixed bag – a majority of the Hudson legislators did not vote:  LD31’s McKnight, LD33’s Chaparro, LD32’s Jimenez, and LD33’s Mukherji.

LD31’s Chiaravalloti voted yes, while LD32’s Mejia voted no.  Their respective Senators voted the same way earlier in the day – LD31’s Cunningham votes yes, while LD32’s Sacco voted no.  LD33’s Stack didn’t vote.


Andrzejczak, Bob – No

Armato, John – Yes

Auth, Robert – No

Benson, Daniel R. – Yes

Bramnick, Jon M. – No

Bucco, Anthony M. – No

Burzichelli, John J. – Yes

Calabrese, Clinton – Yes

Caputo, Ralph R. – Yes

Carroll, Michael Patrick – No

Carter, Linda S. – Yes

Chaparro, Annette – Not Voting

Chiaravalloti, Nicholas – Yes

Clifton, Robert D. – No

Conaway, Herb, Jr. – Yes

Coughlin, Craig J. – Yes

Dancer, Ronald S. – No

Danielsen, Joe – Yes

DeAngelo, Wayne P. – Yes

DeCroce, BettyLou – No

DePhillips, Christopher P. – No

DiMaio, John – No

DiMaso, Serena – No

Downey, Joann – Yes

Egan, Joseph V. – Yes

Freiman, Roy – Yes

Giblin, Thomas P. – Yes

Gove, DiAnne C. – No

Greenwald, Louis D. – Yes

Gusciora, Reed – Yes

Handlin, Amy H. – No

Holley, Jamel C. – Yes

Houghtaling, Eric – Yes

Howarth, Joe – No

Jasey, Mila M. – Yes

Jimenez, Angelica M. – Not Voting

Johnson, Gordon M. – Yes

Jones, Patricia Egan – Yes

Karabinchak, Robert J. – Yes

Kean, Sean T. – No

Kennedy, James J. – Yes

Lampitt, Pamela R. – Yes

Land, R. Bruce – No

Lopez, Yvonne – Yes

Mazzeo, Vincent – Yes

McGuckin, Gregory P. – No

McKeon, John F. – Yes

McKnight, Angela V. – Not Voting

Mejia, Pedro – No

Moriarty, Paul D. – Yes

Mosquera, Gabriela M. – Yes

Mukherji, Raj – Not Voting

Munoz, Nancy F. – No

Murphy, Carol A. – Yes

Peters, Ryan E. – No

Peterson, Erik – No

Pinkin, Nancy J. – Yes

Pintor Marin, Eliana – Yes

Quijano, Annette – Yes

Reynolds-Jackson, Verlina – Yes

Rooney, Kevin J. – No

Rumpf, Brian E. – No

Schaer, Gary S. – Yes

Schepisi, Holly T. – No

Space, Parker – No

Speight, Shanique – Yes

Sumter, Shavonda E. – Yes

Swain, Lisa – Yes Taliaferro, Adam J. – Yes

Thomson, Edward H. – No

Timberlake, Britnee N. – Yes

Tucker, Cleopatra G. – Yes

Tully, P. Christopher – Yes

Vainieri Huttle, Valerie – Yes

Webber, Jay – No

Wimberly, Benjie E. – Yes

Wirths, Harold J. – No

Wolfe, David W. – Not Voting

Zwicker, Andrew – Yes

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