The Murphy-Biden Mindset: Maddening to the Rank and File

Party leaders don’t always know what average folk are thinking.

In the wake of last week’s debate, the “average” Democrats I talked to were unanimous:

“We need another candidate, or we are going to lose.”

That’s not an outlandish view.

Nonetheless, party leaders from around the country appeared on the Sunday talk shows to defend – strongly defend – Joe Biden as the party’s 2024 standard bearer.

So much about politics is about loyalty, and Lord knows, active pols don’t want to be disloyal. Especially to the president.

But …

Suppose there are serious doubts that the president is able to do the job for four more years?

Loyalty must give way for the good of the country.

Here in New Jersey, we know about uncompromising political loyalty. At least the Democrats do.

Remember Tammy Murphy?

As soon as she announced her candidacy for US senate last November, the state’s Democratic establishment endorsed her. No questions asked.

After all, she was the governor’s wife and party leaders just had to support her.

How did that work out?

We know what happened. The rank and file refused to go along and the First Lady exited the race.

Obviously, there are differences between the senate and the presidency. But the core principle here is the same.

Because of loyalty, friendship or just familiarity, leading Dems across the country are continuing to embrace Biden.

The millions of people who normally would be expected to vote for Biden don’t have those aforementioned sentiments. They saw – quite unfortunately- a man not up to do the job for the next four years.

His record is not the issue. Elections are really about the next four years – not the last four years.

We see reports that the president may now be spending more time interacting with the press and public. That could mean more press conferences and town halls. That’s good. But it’s not going to wash away last Thursday’s performance.

Here in Jersey a few months ago, most average Democrats didn’t want Tammy Murphy as their senator. There was a change.

Now it seems  obvious that most average Democrats across the country are nervous – to be mild – about Joe Biden’s chances of success.

Does that mean his candidacy should end today?

Not necessarily.

But it means Democratic leaders should be much more open to the possibility of finding someone else.

Loyalty and friendship are fine, but we’re not talking about the town council or even the senate. This is the presidency of the United States for crying out loud.

Phil and Tammy Murphy, incidentally, hosted a $100K-a-head fundraiser for Biden at their home on the Saturday after the debate. They raised almost $3 million for the embattled incumbent president.

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One response to “The Murphy-Biden Mindset: Maddening to the Rank and File”

  1. Very foolish to abandon Biden for one bad day. What did he do that you didn’t like up until that point… Nothing.
    Biden’s genius is his ability to be a policy maker and he’s not here to be a great orator. Trump is absolutely loving the stupidity of all this backstabbing Biden. It will hand him the election, and that will be the end of our democracy. Trump will NEVER leave office he is let back into the Oval Office.

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